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  1. Hi Burned, Since my last post to you I have learnt my that CCM 404 uses the Australian homologated DRZ400 engine and so that explained the ludicrously small 145 main jet installed in the FCR and it also had a restrictive throttle stop to boot. I'm hoping that's it for the restrictions, however my current set up: 3x3 airbox mod, 48 pilot jet, 160 main, dxp on 5th is still not quite yielding what I consider a full rev range (I still haven't altered the mixture from it's factory 1 1/2 turns yet) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears seem to almost get to the rev limit, but 4th and 5th don't seem to be able to pull into the revs past the 3/4 throttle position. The bike is in supermoto trim with 15/43 gearing and in 5th gear will only pull about 70mph. It feels like it should rev out but it just won't get there in the final 2 gears and is stuck somewhere in the rev range. Sorry for my lack of technical knowledge, but I'm hoping with this description you may recognise what I need to do. Thanks
  2. Thanks for that, much appreciated. At least it's a start point, Is that set up with or without an airbox modification?
  3. Yes they use a strange airbox set up which draws air from a channel in the rear fender under the seat into the airbox. No snorkel though just a big gap where they use their own element and everything. Here is a link to their spares website http://www.ccm-motorcycles.net/spares.htm which has all the exploded diagrams if you are interested (you will need some sort of crappy active x, but they tell you which). Not sure if our elevation makes a difference as we are only about 50 feet above sea level on our part of the island !!
  4. Hi Burned, I'm new here and couldn't find too much on the CCM 404, which I guess is because it's a British built bike and not widely exported. I know it uses the Australian version of the DRZ400EY engine and a bit of research has found out it uses the Keihin FCR39 Carb with a 145 standard main jet and a 48 slow jet (hope our Brit terminology is the same here), sorry but I don't know which needle is in it, perhaps you could tell me? but I think the mixture screw is at 1 1/2 turns if that helps. My main enquiry is basically: is there a better set up for stock, and what would be a good set up for an unrestricted pipe if I can't get the dynojet kit over here? Hope you're not too bored with DRZ questions. Thanks