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  1. xrracer


    I thought the XR350 was only made in '83 '84 and '85.
  2. I checked Chaparral Motorsports OEM parts for a 1984 HONDA XR100A carb parts list.
  3. It should be a HONDA part 99103-KA9-0380 A #38 jet.
  4. xrracer

    Joining the XR200R Club

    Nice Cougar in the background, by the way.
  5. Well I entered but that stuff won't work on my XR400R. Maybe I'll win the grand prize.
  6. xrracer

    just bought xr400 with no airbox for $300!

    Firestone, do you still have the tank and how much?
  7. xrracer

    stuck in 2nd gear

    down shifted to 2nd gear at track.trans stuck in 2nd gear it will not upshift or downshift.anyone have similar problem?maybe shift fork or shift drum?
  8. xrracer

    TTR225 mods

    What kind of mod did you do?
  9. xrracer

    My TTR is awesome

    Yes my nephews bike does the same in the whoops .I posted here before but no answers yet I think the float drops to much when landing hard or bouncing thrugh the whoops but it is plastic and I dont think it cab be adjusted not to drop so much.Let me know if you solve and I'll do the same.xrracer
  10. xrracer

    TTR225 mods

    What mods have any of you done to your TTR225's?Performance or handling any info will be helpful.My nephews bike bogs and hesitates when landing off of jumps or after climbing a steep hill.I checked float level it seems to be fine but when it acts up some gas comes out of carb.There is no adjustment on the float for float drop it is a plastic float with no metal tang to adust float drop.Any suggestions on this or any other mods would be helpful.Thanks
  11. xrracer

    Handlebar recommendation?

    I use ANSWER ALLUMILITE MID CR BEND. I'M 5'9".They fit well and ride well.I race mx and ax on a '96 XR400.
  12. xrracer

    02 tt-r 225 bogs in rough terrain

    my nephews tt-r 225 bogs in rough terrain.could it be float level?are these bikes choked down with restrictors in air cleaner box and exhaust like the hondas are?it bogs in rough terrain and on hill cilmbs. i have not gotten it to do but he says sometimes he has to stop and blip throttle to get it to clear up.anybody else have this problem?
  13. xrracer

    Caption Contest II

    We thought it was dead.
  14. xrracer

    Air Filter Screen, What 4?

    It's a backfire screen.Almost all 4-strokes have them.It keeps flames away from the air filter in case of a backfire.