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    interchange ?

    hey guys I was thinking about buying a sikk 125 pitbike but I do not want to invest money into something I can not buy motor parts for. which "one off" pit bike are interchangeable with the honda 50 motor parts? I am stuck between ssr, sikk, sdg, icon and a few others, any input would be very helpfull thanks.
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    125 big bore

  3. Linden5150

    New Playbike ? ? ?

    I am only looking to spend about 2 grand and i want something built after 2003 . . . . . remember play bike, 150 or 125L
  4. Hello everyone I am new to the boards and had a question maybe some one could help me answer. I want to buy a new play bike for riding around in my area. I live out in the outskirts of town so this bike is purley for flat ground ridin' and maybe some stunts. I basicly just want something small easy to ride. I am not sure wich bike is right for me I have not tested any out besides the Drz I weigh 185 pounds and am 6 feet tall I am thinking of buying a Crf 150 but my friends all swear buy Klx 125L and the Drz 125L also looked at one TTR-125 but didn't get a chance to ride. Do you guys think the 150 is the right bike I plan on taking a test drive on tuesday but I have read alot of articles that sat the 150 has no power (and these are 13 and 14 year old kids that wiegh 108) I am interested in the bike that will move the best with a bigger guy like me on it. Any help would really be appreciated