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  1. Dennis0419

    Oil Screen (Scavenge) Removal 06-08 KX450F

    How often do You clean this screen?
  2. Dennis0419

    graphics on new plastics

    I do the same thing!
  3. I'm looking at a used bike and after riding it for about 5 min. came back to the driveway an noticed foaming oil coming out of the crank case vent tube(just dripping a little. The guy said he just changed the oil and may have over filled it. It does look a little on the full side. Could this be the cause or is there another problem causing this, I've never seen this happen before? Thanks!
  4. Dennis0419

    YZ426F to a KTM 525?

    I ride 75% moto 25% woods.
  5. Dennis0419

    SX 525 for KX?

    Thanks for help! I think I'll just keep my SX I know I'm happy with it!
  6. Dennis0419

    Make a 04 KX 250 faster

    I've heard the 04 KX 250 2st's are kinda gutless? If so how would I make it faster for not too much money? V-force reeds, Pipe? I ride 75% moto and want to stand a chance against the 450's! I have a 05 525SX now so I'm use to lots of power! But may trade for the 250 Thanks for the help!
  7. Dennis0419

    SX 525 for KX?

    I have a 05 KTM 525 SX and some one wants to trade me a 04 KX 250 2st and a $1000 would You trade or just keep the SX? Would I miss the power of the 4st? I ride 75% moto, 25% woods.
  8. Dennis0419

    Should I do this trade?

    Keep your KX! The 426's are tanks!
  9. Dennis0419

    YZ426F to a KTM 525?

    What?? A 525 isn't any heaver than a 450! What kind of a KTM 525 Are You looking for? A SX, EXC? I Bet the EXC is the same or even less weight than your 426. I had a 02 YZ 426 That thing was a beast! I have a 05 525 SX Love the power and its the same weight as any of the 450's!
  10. I have a 05 KTM 525SX I bought new so I know what shape its in. There's NOTHING wrong with it but I want a newer bike. I can trade my bike and $500 for a 08 KX 450 thats in good shape, but is it worth getting a used bike that I don't know about or just keep my bike that I've had since new that I know every thing about? The main reason for getting a KX is my son works for the Kawasaki shop and We get killer discounts on everything?
  11. Dennis0419

    09 kawi vs. 09 honda --- 450F's

    I'd go with the KX 450 if it was me. My son has one and it has been a very reliable bike for over 1 year no problems what so ever! But what I would do is buy one from the best Dealership! You know the who always has the parts you need, good service, friendly people, NOT one who just wants to make a sale and knows nothing about the bikes they sell and don't ever have the parts you need!
  12. Dennis0419

    my project

    Looks great!
  13. Dennis0419

    Switching to Kawi

    My son has the 09' KX450, it's a SWEET bike and has tons of power! I have an 05' 525SX and the KX will tare the KTM apart! He hasn't had any problems with it yet it's a very reliable bike, it starts great hot or cold! I've heard the 10' KX 450 has even more power and has a few changes to the suspension. IMO its not enough to pay the price if You can get a good deal on a left over bike. Either way You cant go wrong!
  14. Dennis0419

    kx250af build has begun!

    The 99' & 00' KX 250 motors are verry good also!
  15. Dennis0419

    2000-2003 cr250 questions

    The 00,01 CR 250's are the fastest of the CR's! Servce Honda uses that engine in their new CR 250AF!