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  1. juniorm1234

    rmz 250 ´04 engine broken!!!

    was going to replace the broken case kickstarter side and no it didn.t happen ehan riding.Went to kick the bike over on the line and kicksrarter went all the way down sort of like a rachet action,and wouldn't return,so we bumped it and ran 4 about 10 sec and saw the oil pouring out of the cracks,more i think about it,really sucs seeing i"m not the only one
  2. juniorm1234

    rmz 250 ´04 engine broken!!!

    they said 2 BAD its a motocross bike nice dealer huh?
  3. juniorm1234

    need a little help..

    thanks 4 the info..
  4. juniorm1234

    rmz 250 ´04 engine broken!!!

    thats the exact spots my sons by cracked at.What is it with this f-in junk?talked to eric gorr today and said could possibly weld it and might have the valves done.Heard possibly a problem there also.But had an o4 crf 250 that supposedly had valve problems also,never a issue, changed oil and rode.Will trt to get some more hps out of when in there.Looks like the athena kit is the way to go.
  5. juniorm1234

    need a little help..

    thought about sending to eric gorr.or someone reputable
  6. juniorm1234

    need a little help..

    bought a 2004 250 f brand new for a decent price,was raced about 6 times motocross,yesterday son went to kick over and the kickstarter seemed to just go down as if the kickstarter gear would ratchet down but with compression,being his race was on the line we bumped the bike and got him 2 the line low and behold cracked the right side of the case behind the kickstarter posibly the gear came loose?dealer said tough luck, no warranty,what to due,where to send any suggestions would be helpful thanks.