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  1. Wow, this thread just keeps on going. I just put a new front Maxxis 6006 on my bike Saturday. It had over 5500 miles on it. I'm still sold on the Maxxis. It's a great tire for true dual sport use.
  2. What the heck ever happened to customer service? Screw Clark.
  3. My stock 06 S gets anywhere from the high 30s to low 50s depending on how it's ridden.
  4. Do yourself a favor and ride right on by...
  5. I deplore tree hugging commies...
  6. Awesome thread! At 41, I got my start in the early 70s on a hand-me-down Yamaha Mini Enduro 60. My Dad and brother rode (and still do). This pic was taken years later at a ripe old age of 16 at a local motocross (they had an "enduro class")... The bike is an 82 XR200R. At that point I had owned several dirt bikes, the hottest being a 77 CR125. From the XR200R things progressed quickly to various CR250s, etc.
  7. I remember two occasions where I "found" neutral will downshifting my 82 XR200R on hill climbs. As you might imagine, this happened near the top of some steep hills, on that was heavily wooded. Riding backwards down steep hills is an art learned thru necessity for the average 15 year old... Those were the days.
  8. Good question. A couple of things are for sure. More convicted evil doers = more $$$ for the judge and politicians. It also helps feed Barney's power trip. You've been protected and served... There are also a lot of good cops out there that would have waved as you wheelied by. Common sense is a great thing.
  9. The hoodlum is probably being drawn and quartered. A wheelie on a public street, the horror...
  10. RobbieO, I dedicated part of this mornings commute to the rear wheel in protest of the injustice of your situation...
  11. Yes, that's a 130 rear. The 120 is too skinny (I tried one of those first). The front is fine. Keep in mind, the 6006 is a comprimise tire. They're noisier on the road than the trailwings and don't wear as long (I'm getting 2800+ miles on the rear Maxxis and 4500 or so on the front). They aren't as aggressive off road as a full knobbie. What they are is a fantastic compromise for the dualie rider.
  12. What a dick...
  13. Mean while, our boarders are being over run, the "war on drugs" is an excuse for SWAT teams to play army all over the country and crime is rampant. Your wheelie is a horrible thing.
  14. The Maxxis is my choice for DS. I just ordered a new set today, as the old ones are getting thin.
  15. As a loyal subject, just pay our overloard's extortion fee and don't complain.