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  1. Hello Everyone, I just replaced the clutch plates in my daughters 04 ttr 125. does anyone know what position the push rod should be in??? all the in with the locking nut flush?????? backed way out???????????? certain thread count???? Thanx
  2. Roach45

    AP Diaphram

  3. Roach45

    AP Diaphram

    Hey Guys, Does the side of the diaphragm with the longer shaft go towards the pump cover or carb?????? Darn thing came flying out before I could see. Thanx, Roach
  4. Help Guys, I have an 06 525 EXC, I've done the JD Jetting kit, CRF450R accelerator pump cover thingy and installed an adjustable air screw and the darn thing is still bogging/lagging..........BAD:foul: Always at bad times too, i.e. coming up to baby widowmakers out in the Dez, I'll go to give it a quick twist to get the front end light and I wind-up doing a nut crunsher instead:crazy: Thinkfully I have not gone over the bars.......yet. It also likes to do it when I'm trying to gas out of a tight 90 turn. It dosen't die, theres just NO throttle response, it pauses then its there.......late but there. Please help it's driving me crazy:banghead: I even had a crazy thought of getting rid of her if I can't fix it!!!
  5. Roach45

    Front Brake

    Howdy, Almost.......I did My first ride on it too. A guy came around a corner, so I stomped on the rear and grabbed the front.....next thing I knew I was flying past the guy like superman and my brand new bike was going down the hill getting all scratched up I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the brakes are too strong. I'll definitely will try the pads
  6. Howdy, With all my gear on, I'm an easy 300 lbs . I currently have a 525EXC and love it. It has gotten me everywhere I've wanted to go.......so far. I seriously need to get the suspension done though........WAAAAAAAAAAY too soft! If your trying to stay around $5000.00, I highly recommend looking at a XR650R. That was my last bike and I had it for almost 5 years without a single problem. It has more power than you'll ever need, but at the same time you can cruise around with the kids. I hope this helps you out Roach
  7. Roach45

    XC thumpers not to be had

    Howdy Everyone, I know this wont help you being on the east coast, but my local dealer has seceral 06 XC's sitting on the floor. When I picked up my 525 EXC he told he hasn't sold one XC yet. He then tried to push the 525 XC on me for even a better deal..........
  8. Nevermind, I was given bad info from the dealer.
  9. Roach45

    Made the switch

    nljustin, I made the switch because I really enjoy riding tight single track trails and the 650 was a bit much at well over 300 lbs. It takes ALOT of work to get that big and long bike around some of these So.Cal. Mtn. trails. I ride alot at Hungry Valley, Rowher Flats (backyard), Dove Springs, and the 395 corridor all the way up to June Lake. Even when I go out to the Dez I find myself riding the single track. Plus I had the bike for 5 years and it was time for a new one The Honda was a great bike and I would never turn anyone away from buying one, because it is the KING of the Dez.
  10. Roach45

    Made the switch

    Well I sold my old reliable, but heavy, XR650R and picked up my new 525 EXC today.
  11. Roach45

    XL 250R Exhaust

    Howdy, Does anyone know where I can get an exhaust system for a 1987 XL250R