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  1. shibby

    Namura Tech Pistons

    I have one in my 02 cr125 with a brand new cylinder and a brand new crank and bearings and you can hear it slap around in the cylinder. Needless to say I'll be going back to the wiseco's for sure!
  2. Can someone please help me with this problem? I have an 02 Honda cr125 and I can not get more than 40 minutes out of a plug! I'm running the stock 6dfy5-74 needle in the 3rd clip from the top, my air screw is 3 turns out, my main and slow jets are 400 and 32.5 respectively. I am running a br9eg plug. It seems to run well when it runs but I just can't get it to stop fouling plugs. All the plugs are indicating its too rich. Most of the tracks I ride are deep and loamy or sandy but it will foul out if I'm on a hard pack track too. I'm at about 700 feet above sea level and have been riding in pretty humid conditions but not in the rain or anything. The bike has a full fmf exhaust and a vforce reed cage.
  3. shibby

    Why does everybody b!tch...

    I have a 2007 crf450r with kyb a kit and a 2002 cr125 with clapped out suspension and I still have more fun on the 125, but thats not to say I don't like my 450. They are both awesome, just in different ways. You can't say that all that power of a 450 is not fun!
  4. shibby

    2002 CR125R no spark

    ignition coil resistance at 68 degrees F (primary 0.4-0.6 ohm)(secondary with plug cap 15k-22k ohm)(secondary without plug cap 10k-17k ohm) ignition pulse generator 180-280 ohm, alternator exciter coil resistance(yellow-blue 120-180 ohm, blue-white 24-44 ohm). hope this helps sorry it took so long
  5. shibby

    2002 CR125R no spark

    I have a manual I'll check it when i get home
  6. shibby

    Project: Daddy-O (CRF100 with KX80 Suspension)

    Dude I am totally jealous of your fabricating and handiwork. That is the sweetest looking factory looking pit bike. I want one. How much? haha
  7. shibby

    Pr2 racing

    I have a "pr2" ported head on my crf450. Or so I was told when I bought the bike. I ended up blowing it up which I don't blame on anyone but myself. I take the head off and the port job looks non existent. I had it cleaned up and when the sticker came off it had pr2 engraved in the head but it looked like a kid did it. I would have to think that if pr2 was really good at porting they would do a really good job of putting their name on the side of the head. I've personally seen heads up close done by yosh and naveen from honda of houston and those heads were drastically nicer looking. I'm just sayin
  8. shibby

    CRF450 Bottom End, How Hard?

    Dude you have a manual!!!!!!!! Get those hands dirty. If you can read you can do it. And theres nothing more satisfying than knowing you did it.
  9. shibby

    OEM Parts

    Motogrid.com is pretty good too.
  10. shibby

    Oil spewing out airbox...blown headgasket?

    You're getting a lot of blow by probably from your rings being shot. I was having the same problem with my 07 and it turned out to be bad rings and cylinder. Obviously have the cylinder mic,d to see if it is still in spec and then replace all parts and gaskets as needed. Should be good to go
  11. shibby

    helium in tires?

    Serious? God I hope not
  12. 2nd that. My buddy used to run lawnmower gas(thats what we call it) in his kawasaki 250f and it detonated so bad that materrial around the valve seats was being removed. I for sure would not run that crap gas in my bike
  13. shibby

    I need some quick help! Great deals!

    450 for sure. BRAAAAAP like some other people said the 250f will help you become faster but there's nothing like that feeling of "nut" that the 450 has
  14. Oh by far one of the best tracks in the IN, MI, IL area. 3rd picture down is Danny Mitchell, he rips and does some sick one handed whips. Of course there's some pictures of local fast guy T-Sewell on his home track basically. Whoooooooooo I can not wait for the first open ride
  15. shibby

    Clutchless shifting vs Powershifting?

    I don't know about anyone else but I have a hard believing anyone who can't type or spell. Just my two cents