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  1. gravelrash07

    Debtonation? Help!

    Hi pookiebear, I increased the pilot jet from the of 22.5 to a 25, needle back to mid [orginal position] with a 160 main. Went on a long road trip into desert country 105+ temps with lots of heavy climbing and not a peep. And I get much better mileage...go figure! problem solved Dave
  2. gravelrash07

    Debtonation? Help!

    no ideas?, Im going to return the clip to orginal setting, and bump up the pilot. Could have my timing slipped to cause the pre-ignition?
  3. gravelrash07

    Debtonation? Help!

    Now she is terrible off idle to 3500 knock is still there, and now sluggish and flat throttle response, raised the needle, didnt change the pilot, 160 main 3500+ she charges excellent, bad decel popping now going down hill. Any ideas?
  4. gravelrash07

    Debtonation? Help!

    Hey thanks Jeff!, I bumped up the main two sizes 150 to a 160, just got from back from an hours long ride, and I was going just now to fatten up the pilot and raise the needle to see what happens. Its a little better with a fatter main, and yes youre right, its in the zone where the needle comes into play. My bike responds differently with jet changes then with the old CV not so critical. I'll post back with my findings thks Dave
  5. gravelrash07

    Debtonation? Help!

    Hi Guys, 03 650, recently installed TM40, the paperwork with the setting are packed away in storage at the moment. At first there was the odd little jingle? now its all the time from idle to near 4000 rpm and the steeper the hill the worse it is. I had done all the usual mods with the old carb, played with low and high jets and think I can detect lean or rich, this is weird Im sure this is the "death rattle" Any ideas before I start tinkering with setting would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  6. gravelrash07

    DR650 Petcock Issues

    I have had two suzukis with the vacuum activated petcock and both I had apart numerous times finally got fed up and bought a pingel petcock from keintech.
  7. gravelrash07

    Anyone mail order east coast wheels?

    Jeffrey my boy, getting short changed a side of fries is a little different than a 1200 dollar order. And if you had went to back to Mc Ds at least here in canada you would of gotten a meal voucher. Any one who does a search of supermoto junkie on eastcoast wheels will find even the forum moderators warn you against dealing with this business.
  8. gravelrash07

    Anyone mail order east coast wheels?

    I was one of the fools trying to order a set of wheels from ECW. Back in Dec 07 was told by Jeff that all they had to do was assemble the wheels I wanted. Told a week to do then they would be shipped. Dec 28 visa debited. A month later no wheels? oh now we cant get parts? funny I was told all parts where in stock at the time of order placed. Another month goes by same BS story. Another month goes by,now no response to my emails. Contact visa about this shyster outfit. Found Vancouver Super Moto on the web, was told two weeks to order and assemble the wheels I wanted, so I went with these folks. Annie and Mark are super nice people kept me appraised on the status of my order. And two weeks later the wheels where on my doorstep. So this Jeff character will say anything to get your cash and then p*ss on you.
  9. gravelrash07

    TM40 Installed

    I just installed on my DR 650 the TM 40 from Jeff at Procycle, it is exactly what has been mentioned "Plug and Play" So much smoother at lower rpms and so nice now in communter traffic no more "herky jerky" and shifting up and down. Decel popping is practically gone, and where I run a supertrapp I can run at lower rpms thru town. I went to a 16/41 sprocket set up and I still look for another gear! Tks Jeff Dave in Salmon Arm
  10. gravelrash07

    WARNING! Ridegear.com

    File a report to the Better Business Bureau
  11. gravelrash07

    Going Black

    Yup, just did mine
  12. gravelrash07

    Bar Shopping

    I checked www.ProTaper and www.TAGmetals websites and the width,rise and sweep are listed but it is in metric measurements, maybe that threw you off - 250mm is approx. one inch. Hope that helps
  13. gravelrash07

    2007 DR650 right side cover hole?

    I lost a side panel as well, ensure the single screw has a shoulder washer. Mine had none on all the plastics.
  14. gravelrash07

    Air zerks?

    Thks for the heads up, I have heavier springs ready to be installed.
  15. gravelrash07

    Air zerks?

    I have read in a Dualsport forum where a guy put air zerks on his DR 650s front fork caps [4psi] and also charged his rear shock to 210 psi, didnt find any info on a search of this forum. Anyone familiar with any of this stuff? How to do it, what kind of pressures will the seals take? thks Dave