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    SS brake line for 05 DRZ-SM

    Sorry to jack the thread, but how do you like the bike? Pro's/Con's? Is it worth it for me to buy one off the floor or just to make my own? I do about 70% track and 30% street. Oh and my vote goes to Goodridge lines. I have an inside connection there and they're good peeps!
  2. flyinfizzer

    New guy sayin hi

  3. flyinfizzer

    New guy sayin hi

    What's up everybody. New to the site and just sayin 'sup. A little background on me, i live in southern california (lake elsinore to be exact), am a journalism major at CSU Fullerton, and currently ride an SV650 with all kinds of aftermarket goodies. I got tired of riding my bike on the street so i turned it into a track bike and did the whole knee down track thing for a while, but I've always been interested in supermoto and it turns out that one of my neighbors races a 525 smr with the two bros. racing team and after talking with him, now i'm really hooked! I'm even considering selling my beloved SV for a motard. Only thing is that i've never actually ridden a SM bike before (or hell...even a dirtbike for that matter!) The furthest i've gone is just sitting on one. But come August 14 i'll be doing some test riding at Grange with some KTM's from Del Amo Motorsport. BUT I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG! If any kind souls on here wanna adopt a motarded noobie and show me the ropes I'd be forever greatful. Anywho, that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Hope to eventually ride with some of ya!