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  1. frankietheyankee

    TE250 speedometer

    My TE250 computer/speedo is completely destroyed after I endo'd. I wanted to replace it with one that is resettable, in tenths if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience with replacement instrumentation? Will one of the Vapor Tech products work for me? Thanks.
  2. frankietheyankee

    any upcoming duasports ??

  3. frankietheyankee

    North East Husky Gathering?

    This looks doable. When will we need to send in fees, etc?
  4. frankietheyankee

    Northern NJ clubs or group rides?

    You need a plate to ride legally in some places in the Pine Barrens. Most of the land is state forest or Wildlife Management areas. Riding is restricted to "roads". Some roads on the maps are quite primitive. Single-track trail and fire-cuts are illegal unless being ridden as part of a sanctioned event. The rest is private property, which is illegal unless you have specific permission from the owner. Depending on which ranger stops you, you could be ticketed if not currently inspected! If you have no plate or insurance, the bike could be impounded.
  5. frankietheyankee

    LC4e footpeg

    I've changed the footpegs on my LC4. I cannot get the return spring for the right peg back on the bike. Specifically I can't compress the sping into the peg bracket so I can run the pivot pin through the spring coil. Anyone have any tips or tricks they use to get this done? Thanks.
  6. frankietheyankee

    Strange noise when I kill the engine.

    I have a '97 DR350 and it makes the same noise. Hasn't led to any problem. That being said, I don't know what it is making the noise. Just turn the radio up louder. That's what I do in the truck if it starts sounding strange.