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  1. Yeah I read that and nearly fell over. Just goes to show.....
  2. Moto only. I have owned several MX's of difffering colour and capacity over the years and find the suspension harsh offroad which would be my only complaint. If I was off road more I would look at an enduro style bike.
  3. How about something like an XR200 or 250 (Honda) or a Yamaha DT230, Suzuki DR250, KLX300 anyhting that is trail oriented should suit a beginner as they are easy to ride and fairly bullet proof in the maintenance department. Try second hand to get a feel as the initial committment will allow a change if it doesn't suit. Food for thought.....
  4. Check out Ebay.com. There's a crowd there who put togther a shim pack selection for a reasonable price. Can't recall exactly.
  5. Reedy for sure, although Carmichael is a legend and Bubba is a freak. All good to watch.
  6. I would agree with the "fashion victim" analogy however I settled on Dr D because the money appeared to go into development rather that a 300-400% price increase to save a kilo. It's all about bang for your buck. It's a bit relative really though, I had to get mine from the states because everywher I looked here they were twice the price. Couldn't get my head around that one!!
  7. I have favoured orange or blue in the past but out of the box, at the moment, nothing beats the honda. I have owned short stroke 4's for a few years now in different colours and haven't found the Honda to be any more commanding to look after properly. In my experience most racers tend to look after their bikes or they don't get to race.