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  1. Lot of flat track guys out there who have had really service from ECW... and it always seems to be the same handful of people bitching on every board they can find. Remember, internet arguments are like the Special Olympics... even though you've won, your still a retard.
  2. Cool... but the funny thing about ice racing is that just because you are a top pro racer in another venue, doesn't mean you'll be any good on the ice... I've watched Chuck Springsteen (Jay's unknown little brother) and a guy named Pickett flat out SPANK Scott Parker and Jay Springsteen in an ice race... Ice racing is a religion in Michigan, so watch for guys like Atherton to clean up..
  3. Doesn't the AMA specify "single cylinder" in the rule book?? I'll be waiting for the pocket rocket version
  4. Yup... real happy with the Maxxis Promaxx's on my XR250, both on pavement and dirt.
  5. You'll learn more about sliding a bike on a dirt oval than you ever could on pavement.
  6. Maxxis Promaxx's work well and come in a 3.00/21... On the rear I would run a Maxxis DTR-1, or a Promaxx... I having been running Promaxx's on local kart tracks and they work well in the dirt and great on the pavement.
  7. go to and do a search.