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  1. mtelow

    Is this a good deal on this EXC 380?

    1999 was a good year for the 380 EXC. Conventional 50mm forks and first year for the hydraulic clutch and decompression head, I believe. Check compression, should be over 200 lbs. I think mine is 210. I would also see if it has smooth power right from the bottom up. Jetting can be a nightmare but there is good info at ktmtalk.com. Sending the head out to reduce the squish band($100.00) and a JD jetting kit do wonders for the bike. Once running correctely, these bikes are incredible.
  2. mtelow

    Looking for rides in central CT

    I just bought a used KTM 450 and was wondering what you need to ride up at Thomaston Dam? Can you ride with an out of state plate? Do you need full gear? Where abouts is it located? I live in Clinton, CT. Mike
  3. mtelow

    03 crf150f

    $1700.00 tops.