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  1. CRF rider

    premix in crf450

    Change the plug. If that still doesn't work, you might need to clean the injector
  2. CRF rider

    Sedona VS. Artrax?

    I ran a pair of Atrax tires (intermediate) on my 250F for a several rides before I sold it. For the prices of the tires (I think it was $90 for front and rear) they are great. Mounting was no harder than a Dunlop. The rear tire seemed a bit narrow but felt fine and no issues with traction. I might recommend going with a 120 rear, as the 100 I bought for the 250 seemed small The front tire has a soft side wall and you need to run a bit more PSI than normal or it will want to push in corners due to side wall flex. The tire worked great when the track was tacky. However, when it dried out the front end wanted to wash out a lot (probably due to the extra PSI). Experimented with different PSIs but could never find something that worked great. Can't comment on wear as I rode on them 5-6 times, but never ripped any lugs off or had chunking issues. As a mid-pack novice rider who rides once a month, these tires are a great bang-for-the-buck. Faster riders may want better tires, but they still would make good practice tires.
  3. I just resorted to changing my engine oil after every ride
  4. CRF rider

    Clutch Question

    Correct. It basically turns it into a semi-auto transmission like a utility quad. You have to shift, but the clutch doesn't do anything anymore. I think that is correct at least. I rode a KX250F like that. weird for sure
  5. CRF rider

    14' or 15' crf450r?

    IMO, the 15 is better, but not $1500 better. The 15 has a different head and head pipe design that boots power a bit. So it is a tad faster than the 14'. The 15 has a larger front brake rotor The 15 has a variable mapping switch. While cool, I think its a bit of a gimmick and won't make you 4 seconds a lap quicker. Simply learn throttle control! The 15 has the PS2 airfork which is regarding by many as a step-back from the PS1 fork (on the 13' and 14') in stock form I would personally go for a leftover 14', use the $1500 to get the suspension set up for you, and have the ECU re-mapped and still have $500 left in your wallet
  6. CRF rider

    2015 Team Honda Muscle Milk Graphics

    If you wanted something that covered the gas tank, Throttle Jockey guys did this for me. These were the graphics used for the Monster Energy Cup.
  7. I went back to back with a 15 KTM 450 and my 14 Honda 450. The KTM has noticeably more hit down low and a crazy mid range. However, it was a lot heavier feeling too. I think I could race a KTM, I would just be hanging on for dear life haha. The honda is light, flickable, and not stupid fast (but still plenty fast)
  8. I went from an 06 250 to a 14 450 and there is hardly and difference. It feels like a 250F with a rocketship motor. You will get more tired from the extra HP, but "flickability" wise its no different than my old 250F.
  9. CRF rider

    I've made a huge mistake

    A worn out cam chain? That's my first thought. Slack in the chain could cause noise, and it could jump time and cause damage down the road. If it was a loud ticking from day one, a shim could have fallen out?
  10. CRF rider

    Dirt Bikes and Titles

    Arizona requires them and when I bought my bike from the dealer in Dec. it came with a title.
  11. CRF rider

    Just how much better are the new bikes?

    I went from an 06 to a 14 and WOW. I'm not saying I got a lot faster all of a sudden, but the bike is SO much more fun to ride. Corners like a dream, super crisp, usable power. Have a slight head shake issue when the track gets rough, but damn its a fun bike to ride
  12. CRF rider

    Just bought a brand new 2013 CRF450

    I am keeping my forks pretty much flush. If I raise them I get some gnarly headshake on rough tracks. Also a remap was the best 50 bucks I've spent! And keep an eye out for gas getting into the oil
  13. CRF rider

    Anodising 2012 450 Frame

    I was told anodizing might be susceptible to stains from dirt, oil, grease, etc. Powdercoating would probably be a better option
  14. CRF rider

    Blue/Red Excel Rims - Where to find them?

    Excel, DNA wheels. I had some OEM ones anodized blue
  15. CRF rider

    When to upgrade?

    I went from an 06 Honda 250F to a 14 450 and the difference was night and day. Besides the extra power, the chasis and handling felt amazing. I think if you want a nimble and light feeling bike, an upgrade will fit the bill