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  1. I have a 2008 250 XCWe. It is trully incredible technology. The system really is unnoticable when riding around an MX track, etc. but when you get in the slop it just pulls right through. Unbelievable! I highly recommend the system. Support is excellent as well. No burdensome maintenance. Don't worry about the weight - you'll only notice it in the garage.
  2. I really don't have a clue. It was not fixed after I cleaned the filters and repacked the silencer. The problem corrected only after I changed the plug (for the second time since this problem started) and fixed the plug wire. I agree though that it does not make sense that a bad plug wire-cap connection was causing the problem. I am very happy it is running properly now - whatever the reason. It is a little difficult to say what I paid for the new 300 because I traded my EC300. They gave me $2600.00 in trade which is more than I think I could have sold it for - I was asking $2000.00. I gave them $4900.00 in cash so I would say I paid $6900.00 OTD. The receipt probably says $7500.00 though. Mike
  3. Thanks for the info. The problem really seems to be gone at this point but I'll keep your info in mind should it rear it's ugly head again. I actually bought another 300 today but I have no intention of getting rid of the '05. I want to get some of my 450-loving friends exposed to the magic of trials. I'm sure they'll be hooked like me!
  4. Well, I believe the problem is finally solved. I changed the in-line filter, cleaned the in-tank filter and repacked the silencer packing. I thought all was well but about 5 minutes into my ride it was clear that the problem persisted. I took the bike back and plugged the plug to check the color (remember the new carb). When I pulled the plug the cap came right off the wire. The plug looked perfect so I put it back in (I changed it in late fall and haven't ridden much through the winter). I cut a few mm off the wire and reinstalled the cap and went riding. Amazingly it seems the problem is fixed. Before I fooled with the plug I was convinced it was float adjustment. I was experimenting on exactly what would bring the problem on and I found that even riding at half throttle in second up a hill would eventually result in cutting out. It really seemed to be starving for fuel! The plug cap really fell apart when I took it off the plug so I would not be suprised if there was a bad connection but what a weird way to manifest itself. Incidently, the bike starts much easier now and I don't have to be standing on the pegs to start it. It really seems to run well now.
  5. Gosh, those are certainly expensive solutions but if you think that is what needs to be done I will certainly take your advice. I'll go to the BIKE SHOP today and inform of your recommendations. A new igition will be ordered right away and I'll threaten them with ordering a new bike! This clearly must be done prior to checking out the silencer. I'm sorry I did not make it clear in my initial post about the carb change. I'll change the carb back for you since there are no other benefits to the upgrade.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'll tear into the silencer this weekend and report back. I tried jetting changes with the Delorto without success - that is why I finally went with the new carb. I feel I have ruled out jetting problems as the cause.
  7. I know this is an old thread but I'm still having this problem. I actually just completed the Keihin carb swap today and it made no difference. Must be an electrical problem. At this point I'm throwing in the towel and taking it to the dealer unless anyone on here has some new thoughts.
  8. It seems there is a problem with the forks on my '05 Gas Gas 300 pro. They have started making a creaking noise on compression. I'm assuming this is a bushing problem but I'm not certain. Anyone have a source for a manual on these things? I'm not even sure what brand they are! I may need to send them to a suspension shop. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for input.
  9. That must have been what was happening. Thanks for the advice! Thinking back, it happened right after I washed the bike. I really don't wash the bike very often (I guess you'd say I neglect it compared to my Mx bikes) but do you have any tips for washing this bike specifically? I currently take the air box lid off, cover the air filter with a zip-lock, reapply the lid and plug the exhaust. I never use a pressure washer either. I've been riding and washing for over 20 years and never had a similar problem:confused: .
  10. I took the carb off and it seemed OK - definitely not full of water. It seemed to solve the problem though so far - although I haven't had a really good opportunity to test it. Pretty interesting carb design.
  11. Thanks for all the replys! Looks like a trip to the bike shop is my best bet.
  12. Anybody have recommendations regarding good eye protection for trials riding/trials helmets? I'm using safety glasses that I picked up at Ace Hardware but they have a tendency to slide on my nose. Alot of my riding area is deep in the woods so tinted lenses (e.g. sunglasses) will not be acceptable. I've noticed at trials events most guys have no eye protection but most of my riding is really tight woods. I've taken a few branches across the face and body so I think eye wear is wise. Thanks in advance for your replys.
  13. I'm having another problem with my bike ('05 300 Pro). Whenever I shift into 5th or 6th it cuts out severely in the mid-range. I'm talking about "throw me up on the bars" cutting out - engine barely running. The bike runs perfect in 1st through 4th. Any ideas? I wonder if there is a different ignition map for these higher gears. Again, any input is greatly appreciated.
  14. I finally have come to terms with starting this bike. It seems 2 ply was right regarding the technique. I now stand on the pegs, balanced, and kick it through. Works almost every time. I did not really know what you meant by starting it like an old harley however I remember watching a guy try to kick start an old harley when I was a child. I was eating lunch in a Burger King with my mother and this huge biker dude was in the parking lot delivering mighty blows to this old steed. He actually broke the starter off the bike and - in a fit of rage - hurled it across the lot. It was great lunch time entertainment. Fortunately I don't think this technique will result in a broken kick start lever because it doesn't really take that much force. Thanks 2 ply! Now on to the next problem but I'll start a new thread for that.
  15. You must be right about the heat issue because it seems to start easy right away or after several minutes. A 2 - 3 minute break seems to be the worst for restarting. I'm interested in switching out the carb but I'm worried about the jetting. Are they sold specifically for this bike with ballpark jetting? Where should I buy a carb for this bike? I have a Gas Gas dealer locally who I like to support.