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  1. bumpycamshaft

    LC4 Air Filter

    Yeah, I find it amazing that the 65cc motor uses the same as the big bore lc4 motors. Any one who questions whether the minis air fiter flows enough
  2. bumpycamshaft

    Anyone know the history of the twin headpipe?

    It I believe is to mainly spread out the power curve over a wider RPM range. You will develop less peak horsepower but its usable range will be wider than a single pipe exhaust.
  3. bumpycamshaft

    new kibblewhites are noisy.

    Yes, if you did not replace the rockers (or what ever opening mechinism is used) they will have to mate to each other. Thsi is normal for all new valve trains, you should hear a new gear drive on a V8 race engine.
  4. bumpycamshaft

    Change to an open pod air filter

    Thank you sir.
  5. bumpycamshaft

    Change to an open pod air filter

    Burned did you have an opinion? Anyone else?
  6. bumpycamshaft

    Change to an open pod air filter

    Well it looks like there was a reset on the server. Burned you had asked before what carb it is. It is a 40mm Dellotrto.
  7. Information to base suggestions on: I have a 95 KTM 620 RXC. I currently have 7 one inch holes in the air box lid so I think it is relativly free flowing at this point. I am in the process of converting it to a tard. The question: Roughly how many main jet sizes do I need to increase if I was to remove the airbox and install a K&N pod filter? (I need the room for my true dual exhaust set up I will be installing.) Do you think one or two increase needed for the pilot?
  8. bumpycamshaft

    Just a question i want to know

    I would love to get my hands on one of those 750 dirt track bikes.
  9. bumpycamshaft

    UPDATE! My XR650R got Plated TODAY!!!!

    Yes, when ever dealing with bureaucrats never give up. Keep trying. Just as in any other business there are those who know what is going on and those who do not have a clue. The latter being the majority.
  10. bumpycamshaft

    Any ideas?

    found problem for a lto of this I set the Idle speed by ear It was running too fast. Mixture screw has great effect now and requires choke and hot start button to work now. Going to leave it alone for a while and then re-evaluate low speed. Going to do some wide open tests for main and get that squared away.
  11. bumpycamshaft

    Any ideas?

    If the pilot jet was to rich wouldn't it be hard to start when hot though?
  12. bumpycamshaft

    Any ideas?

    Unrestricted main is a 195 ex/exc/comp model With very restrictive exhaust on RXC it is 155. both have smae air box as far as I know. I will do more testing on deaccel pop.
  13. bumpycamshaft

    Any ideas?

    Ok here is a list of what is going on. I find some it strange and wonder were I should go. Info: 1995 620 RXC with 40mm Dellorto carb. 45 pilot, 195 main, 45 start jet, dr272 needle jet, needle clip 3rd from top, and stock slide. This is all stock settings for unrestricted sx/exc/comp. RXC settings came with 155 main and a dr2666 needle jet but this is with the very restrictive 20lbs exhaust. 5 one inch holes in air box, Big gun exhaust just repacked and sparkie installed. 1. Starts cold without choke 3rd kick idle is low though and as it warms increase to normal. 2. Starts hot 2nd kick without hot start button These 2 seem to contradict each other dont they? Dont get me wrong it is nice to have it start this way. I am almost afraid to do anything because it starts so nice. 3. Pulls very hard from idle though midrange but flattens out on top. 4. Does not hunt or hesitate off idle or midrange cruise 5. Pops very badly when throttle is chopped shut. Exhast has been sealed at headpipe with chamber seal as I know this is aproblem for Big Gun exhausts. Climate info: Minnesota 80 degree weather, 700 feet elevation, 60% humidity. Best idle is with idle mix almost all the way closed, and if adjusted to get rid of deacceleration pop it is about 2 1/2 turns out. I need to richen to get rid of pop but mixture screw is almost closed to get best idle. This does not compute. Suggestions? Thank you, Bumpy
  14. bumpycamshaft

    1998 620 Sc?

    Thank you
  15. bumpycamshaft

    1998 620 Sc?

    My first post and I need help please. I have searched and read the forum for 2 hours or so now and still have a few questions. I would greatly appreciate any help. I am looking at buying a 1998 620 LC4 SC. I have not had a chance to look at it yet? 1. IS there a SC model or am I mistaken? All of the parts books only say SX. 2. I will be riding this on the street. Since this model comes with a lighting coil, headlight, and tail light does it have an internal cush drive or one in the back wheel? 3. If not, how important is a cush drive? The xr650 guys dont seem to be having problems. Or are they it has been a while since I have looked at that bike. 4. If I am not mistaken it has kick stand tabs on both sides of the frame and can even put a center stand on it? 5. The guy I am going to buy it from if I do said somethign about a fan kit for cooling? I have not found anything on this yet. Since I may get stuck in traffic I want to consider some thing like this. 6. Is this motor like the xr650 and needs a higher pressure radiator cap to prevent boilover? 7. One last thing I have not been able to find a website yet that has street tires that will fit the stock rims. Any links you could provide? I have not been able to find full specs on this bike either, any links? Fuel tank size, weight, tire size, etc.. Any other tibbits you may think of about this model would be most helpful. Thank you so very much for your help. Take care and be safe.