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  1. I'm going to use my filter skins, but instead of pulling them, and running again, I'm going to pull it, and do a complete filter cange. About 2 minutes of extra work, but will save a ton of potential grief, what with crap falling from the filter into the carb and such. Anybody else do this, could/should a filter skin with a gasket be in the works for this PITA filter change.
  2. Tuna

    Best Graphic Kit For The 05 CRF450R?

    Check out oneindustries.com, the MDK Unbound Energy N. Wey graphics; they are sweet, and will hopefully adorn my bike in the near future if I can find a distributor.
  3. When I put one on my KTM it was rubbing against the ignition cover causing it to be hard to kick; try taking your cover off and kicking it over. I had to end up buying another gasket to get the extra clearance.