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  1. bultaco99

    Aftermarket Horn for DR650?

    The only after market horn I can find here locally is the Fiamm HK9. It draws 4.5 amps. I don`t really want to install a relay. Do you think the stock horn switch can handle the 4.5 max. amp draw? Thanks
  2. bultaco99

    Lowering footpegs brackets

    Thanks for posting the template!
  3. bultaco99

    Irc Gp 110

    Thank you for the help. 510 it is.
  4. bultaco99

    Irc Gp 110

    I`m trying to decide if the IRC GP 110 tire size 510 will fit my 03 DR or would the 460 be a better choice. I`m presently using the Avon Distanzia 130. The only front IRC makes is the 300. I`ve tried using some of the conversion charts but they don`t really help much. Just a bit concerned about the swingarm clearance. Thanks
  5. bultaco99

    New Bars for 01 DR650?? suggestions?

    The parts guy at the local dealer recommended the CR HIGH bend handlebars. I put them on, much better than stock IMO.
  6. bultaco99

    Center stand advice needed

    I checked last week with Dual Star, it`s on back order. The only other one I could find was twistedthrottle.com , same thing. http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productlist/394/
  7. bultaco99

    Wheel Bearing Numbers

    Could someone give me the front and rear wheel bearing numbers? In the shop manual it only has the Suzuki part numbers. I`d like to pick up some spares from the local bearing warehouse. I`ve got a 03 DR 650. Thanks Bultaco99
  8. bultaco99

    Dr 650 Plastics

    The DR650 with black plastics was brought into Canada in 2000 I believe. I tried to order them. The front is still available from the warehouse in Toronto but not the rear fender. Suzuki Canada tried to order it from Japan but they said they`ve quit making them now. I guess painting the rear fender you`ve got is the only option now. bultaco99