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  1. Witch way do you go with your fuel screw for cold weather riding? In or out? Can't remember.
  2. Ok here's the conditions; 2000 xr50r- FMF pipe- twin air aftermarket filter-choke butterfly valve mod. Everything else stock. I rev the bike and roll the throttle off and the bike just keeps revving then finally goes back down.i think i might have to put in one size bigger main(60) stock is 58. Any suggestions and a good starting point?
  3. My son has a basically stock 2000 xr50(except for a fmf pipe and twin-air filter and butterfly removed) I just got him into racing . It seems he is a little slow off the line. Any gearing changes I can do to speed him up a little off the line.I know I would probably sacrifice a little top end but what would be a good trade off? He has stock gearing now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Ok for now i have a stock xr50 with fmf pipe and am going to install twin air filter. Any suggestions to change the jetting to what? I know the engine will be getting more air.
  5. ok! what do you guy's really think? iv'e heard bad things from bending to leaking seals. Are they worth it?
  6. what would be the next steps to upgrading it?
  7. Anybody use a 75cc classic kit? It's for my kid's bike.
  8. My son has a 2000 xr50 I put on a fmf pipe and am going to scrap the stock air setup for a open twin air filter. Need help re-jetting. i know the motor is getting more air. i don't even know what the stock jetting is. Any help appreciated. thanks
  9. wanted some opinions. what do you think is better for the money a bbr ftp 88cc big bore kit or the takagawa 88cc stage s big bore kit.want to install into son's 2000 xr50 so he can race.
  10. Anybody know of any not to expensive mods to do to a 2000 xr50? My son raced for the first time and seemed like his bike was keeping him back. He got 5th out of 8 though.The bikes all stock except for a fmf pipe.
  11. heading to northern cali. Next weekend.Is there any orv parks there? Places to ride? Any info would be awesome! Thanks.
  12. i just installed a factory 4 tit. exhaust on my 2005crf250r.I noticed when cracking the throttle the bike would start to go then hit a dead spot then take off again and keep pullin ok.Was wondering if anyone had any similar problems or sollutions.It seems to happen with about 1/8 turn of the throttle. Also I installed a fmf jet kit and a #55 leak jet and it is still doin the same thing.
  13. just installed fmf power up jet kit and a #55 leak jet.Started on first kick, but noticed when I start to accelerate I hit a dead spot then it picks up again.When I first turn the throttle the bike starts to go then hits the dead spot then takes off again and keeps goin strong. Maybe the slow jet needs to be changed? I have the fmf factory 4 tit. exhaust installed.Any suggestions appreciated.
  14. wooo get some air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. gee tatman looks like you weny with CHMHAHA