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  1. dirt101

    4th siezure

    This is crazy to me. I have an 04 kx250 that gets ridden pretty aggressively but down in the meat of the power not to say I don't hit its rpm limit on occasions and have never had anything like this. Completely rebuilt it this winter because the namura cast piston the PO installed broke after about 80hrs. Was a heart wrenching sound but a full wiseco rebuild and a recoat and shes a dream. I have to believe that its either a warm up problem or an oiling problem. Are you using an premix that settles? are you shaking the gas can before dumping in the bike(as well as shaking the bike good before turning on the petcock)
  2. dirt101

    2003 125sx sale price?

    I would ask around 1800 for it.
  3. dirt101

    Best way to transport

    I always used a ramp for the bike and a bike stand or cooler or something to step on once I got the bike up half way. Was never a problem in an f150 on 35s.
  4. dirt101

    Manual As Daily Drivers

    I have only owned manual vehicles. 01 Bullitt mustang 5spd 89 s10 5spd and now I drive a 00 zr2 blazer 5spd. Only on rare occasions do I get tight legs from clutching.
  5. dirt101

    Honda Pilot

    nice choice. my input, while I haven't towed with it my uncle has a ridgeline I drive sometimes and the 3.5 v6 is a pretty decent motor. While it doesn't come off the line very hard once it gets rolling its got some pep to it. Mid range power is excellent. and to the guy who towed 10klbs with a v6 express van, are you serious? I towed 10k pound with an 04 f150 5.4 and while it wasn't struggling at crusing speed(60 for me with no WD hitch) I would have been a little scared to stop it on a steep slope, and then get it moving againg. I have a blazer on 32s, 3.73s, 5spd, and the 4.3 v6 and I would not tow more than 6k with it.
  6. dirt101

    Tire load index - 2007 f150

    While I see the tire shop looking out for you, you will be fine and probably wont notice a difference unless you load a pallet of something into the bed. 3 bikes in the bed=750lbs. a pallet of stone or concrete 3000lbs. For what your using it for I would not worry, just don't go overloading it or towing a massive trailer(20+ft)
  7. dirt101

    CRF450 DUNER

    I really feel like the jug on that 04 kx250 looks different than my 04 kx250. Im not looking at them side by side but I just built mine and am somewhat familar with it.
  8. dirt101

    banshee vs rm 250

    I believe a stock banshee is ~37hp and a stock rm250 is about ~45hp. No questions asked here, although the aftermarket is there to build banshees up.
  9. dirt101

    Is This Normal? - Pic Included

    my rears chunk really bad like that when riding aggressive on rocks but a front tire! Im going to just say poor quality. Ive never seen anything like that on a "new" tire.
  10. dirt101

    CRF450 DUNER

    looks really good man! wished I could ride some dunes
  11. Definitely dont do it. I have a single carrier on my on my 2dr blazer which is lifted a little and has a very short wheelbase and its handling is tremendously effected by the weight. I also have 300+lbs in the cargo but the truck is unsafe at 65+. I typically drive about 63 when loaded. My recommendation would be to get a 4 bangerl s10. I had a first gen lowered and loading bikes was soooo easy and i got about 27mpg loaded.
  12. dirt101

    Air cooled engine temp question

    Most cars use a 180-190F thermostat so that sounds perfect to me.
  13. I use a carrier now that I have a blazer and it showed my plate just fine until I build a wooden box to put my gas can and boots in. I was considering just writing my plate number on the wood, but didn't want to draw attention that my plate was covered. older picture, but same setup with a narrow wooden box between the bumper and the carrier. Its about 10"tall
  14. dirt101

    Wrenching Injuries

    Got my finger between the belt tensioner and a pulley on my old s10 and did this. Sent me into shock honestly. Was sick to my stomach for hours and almost passed out. Must have been the nerves in my finger tip, because it had me down for the count no joke.
  15. dirt101

    Looking for people to ride with

    I am out of fredericksburg and try to ride as much as possible