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  1. ChevyPimpin72

    yz450 rev box

    is it worth getting a rev box for a stock yz 450f motorcycle, i dont really plan to do anything to the motor cuz the bike is fast enough. wil it harm the motor and is it worth it?
  2. i ride in the dunes at glamis. i am thinking of getting a bigger tank, cuase i only have 1.8 gal tank, what kind of gas mileage do u guys get on a 450?
  3. ChevyPimpin72

    No Toil ?

    Has anyone used this stuff? I have their promo video and it looks pretty good.
  4. ChevyPimpin72

    Best MX song???

    ok, all of those are good, but all of u failed to mention, atreyu, as i lay dying, killswitch engaged, rise against, just those certain bands, but that last desert ride of this season , i rode with my mp3 player, i turned it up loud enough to hear the music but not too loud so i could stil hear my bike.
  5. ChevyPimpin72

    Thumper Audio Clip??