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  1. st8 up i got a suzuki too, is there any guides in the net that show u how to clean out ur engine n how to take it apart ?? n so on, any kinda of guides like that out there ?
  2. i want to paint my dirt bike, will it work ? im going to use high tempature blue spraypaint.....? or its not possible paint a dirt bike, buy new parts?
  3. okay guys im a bit of u said theres 3 places to insert liquids, gas tank, oil tank...and ?...okay i put 2cycle oil in my oil tank ? is that correct ? also wats the 3rd one ?:S
  4. hey guys im new, got my dirt bike a week ago...and i was just wordering if parts were expensive ? (toronto,ontario)..i was looking at sites n they showed mufflers n sielncers for $300 + &%$#@! also another question is, i wanted to paint my case n my frame...what kind of paint do i need? all i no is that i need paint that can handle high tempatures.....
  5. no its not a joke, i just got ma bike iduno &%$#@! to do u no.....every1 starts off somewhere oh thnx alot
  6. i have a dirt bike, i just got it so im a bit confused. i have 2cycle oil so i can mix into gas, but ive done an oil change...and now im not sure what kind of oil to put into my oil tank? 2cycle? or car oil ? suzuki ds 80cc 2 stroke