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  1. jesse wardlow

    DC conversion questions

    I have a 2000 XR 600 and I installed the Ricky stator kit and switched every thing to DC. The only thing AC is the coil for the spark plug. My question is, can I remove the AC rectifier that is under the seat? Or is that still needed? I am building my own wire harness for my street conversion as that's part of what I do for work. It's just my brain thinks in DC.
  2. jesse wardlow

    River Rat Gp

    Rollie and Cliff, When I hit 40 I am coming for you :-)
  3. jesse wardlow

    River Rat Gp

    Any one know where the results are published ?
  4. jesse wardlow

    I want to go riding with this guy

    thats pretty funny. I have been in that same situation with KTM's before, its never fun when it happens but when you look back the next day you laugh.
  5. jesse wardlow

    River Rat Gp

    I just want to say thanks to jake and who ever else that was that helped. I would have never gotten my bike out of there. Thanks to all who put this on. It's always fun to race at riverdale. Side story: before I got help getting my bike out, a guy stopped to ask if we were ok and then offered to help get my bike out. His exact words " I am in first, but I can help for a second". I was shocked and yelled go go go go. So big shout out to that dude. I don't know any one running up front that would stop to help some one buried up to their waist in mud. I hope he got first!
  6. jesse wardlow

    Riding Nicolai on Saturday Jan 25th

    I have to cancel this. My baby sitter cancelled and I have no choice but to stay home. Sorry to any one who wanted to go. I will do another one soon.
  7. jesse wardlow

    Riding Nicolai on Saturday Jan 25th

    I think its worth the drive. We will be at the 1.5 mile parking lot between 8 and 9. If your interested we could always meet at Colvins for breakfast in Clatskanie before that.
  8. jesse wardlow

    Riding Nicolai on Saturday Jan 25th

    LOL. I was going to call you this morning. I have to go to Nicolai on Saturday. Dirt Church is having a club ride and I have been really ditching them the last year. We will be the only dirt bikers and riding trails not every one knows about.
  9. jesse wardlow

    River Rat Gp

    See you there Rollie. And they should make that a Tshirt. Every one walking around with Rollie on their back.
  10. jesse wardlow

    Buying House/Land for Moto in PNW

    I live in Cowlitz on six acres and have trails every where for my kids and I to ride mixed with jumps. It all comes down to time. Literally. No loud noises after ten pm until 7 am. After that you can do what ever you want. I am sure if you abused that they could get you shut down with enough lawyers and $. We are smart about it and try not to make a ton of noise, bust some times you just do. :-) Last year the 30 acres across the road from got sold off and a lot of giant rich people houses now occupy it in 2 acre lots. I often wonder how long until they complain.
  11. jesse wardlow

    Riding Nicolai on Saturday Jan 25th

    There are a lot more then a few trails. Cliff: go look at my YouTube page. There are tons of videos from there.
  12. jesse wardlow

    Riding Nicolai on Saturday Jan 25th

    They are trails wide enough for a quad. But they are not groomed very well. :-). My favorite type. Just think of it as dual single track. Pick one side and make it work.
  13. jesse wardlow

    Do you ride alone?

    I ride alone often. I don't see it any different then if I was with people. I live alone and if something happened at home it would take the same amount of time for someone to figure out i was missing as it would if i was in the woods. I usually write on my white board on my refrigerator where I am headed, but sometimes I change my mind while driving too and you would have to kick my door in to read it. But I do take precautions. I always have my cell phone while riding, and always a way to start a fire and my .45 incase of any four legged animals that would want to make me lunch. But i think it really comes down to how long would you be "missing" before some one comes looking for you? In my case it would be several weeks, so I would be long dead, but most people i think it would be less then a few hours of when you are supposed to be home.
  14. We are riding out of Nicolai on Saturday morning. Any one who can ride decent is invited to come along and play. The trails should be in great shape. :-) If your interested let me know so we don't take off with out you. We should be able to put in 35 or 40 miles of trails if it all works out.
  15. jesse wardlow

    Officer Essman at Jones Creek, WA

    Hi Rollie, The worst part for me was this. The place I work, one thing we do is build police cars and first responder vehicles. the columbia county sherifs dept brought in a Can AM quad for us to make into a trail police car. I built a few custom mounts and spent a lot of time riding it around work and making sure it was all working perfect. It was the same police officer and quad that gave me a ticket. He already knew me, and knew my kids had grown up riding. we had lots and lots of talks about riding while he was in our shop checking on the quad. For the longest time he would come into our shop and give me shit about it. I finally just told him to stop or I would talk to his boss about harassment as I didn't find anything funny about it. We have never talked since and i have ran into him several times at Nicolai and I just turn around and ride the other way.