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  1. pepe le pew

    Scotty we need more power!!

    Anyone can add on??? I would like to know too if the stage 2 ex cam is going to pose a problem for the starter and battery ( realiability issue here? ) thanks!
  2. pepe le pew

    Difference between FCR39 and FCR39

    yeah... same tot I have in mind too. I think I know of a guy selling a FCR3 cheaply, so can a FCR2 or FCR3 fit our DRZ? Correct me if I am wrong, but seems like the newer generation of FCRs give better throttle response ...
  3. pepe le pew

    Throttle bog...

    yeah! I think its a combo of both.... been sometime since I last cleaned my fliters.... argh my bad. Also I shall try out the JD jets too (but this would take longer cos of the shipping time to asia) anyways I will post the outcome after I got those dirty filters cleaned. btw, guys... since I might be ordering the JD jets, I am thinking of getting these Hotcams stage 2 together. need a quick one if anyone out there could help. The ex cam would mean you lose the auto-decom. Hence if I were to install a kick-starter kit in future too... would it mean I would need a decom assembly installed too? Please help this poor chap here.... ciao for now!
  4. pepe le pew

    Throttle bog...

    Hi!... and thanks for the input. Well, I am not sure what is meant by off idle bog but what I am feeling is that when I twist the throttle from say from 1/4 to 1/2... the response of the engine is not crisp (fast) enough. hmmm maybe is that how 4 strokes are like, sorry cos I was riding a 2 stroke KTM in the past I really do not have much experience with thumpers. I am searching and reading some previous posts on jettings now... hope I can find some answers too Meanwhile hope more advise will flow in!
  5. pepe le pew

    Throttle bog...

    Hi guys, This is my first post here... got a question here if you fellas can help. Seems like my DRZ-E response is having a bogging effect. Is the culprit my jettings? or would it be me getting used to the powerband of the bike already? If jettings are the culprits... would it be right to say that the JD jets are the best ones available for the FCR carbs? Is there any things I can also do to get rid of the bog? Thanks for any inputs