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  1. SealClubber

    Found 01WR426F parts

    New In Package
  2. SealClubber

    Found 01WR426F parts

    How about $20 shipped?
  3. SealClubber

    Found 01WR426F parts

    Was cleaning out the garage and found some old parts to my 2001 WR426F. .I don't have this bike anymore so don't need them. I have one NIP radiator louver 5JG-2172A-00 and one NIP crank cover gasket 5JG-15453-00. Does anyone need these? Dan
  4. SealClubber

    Why do the YZ's have 19" wheels and our Wr's only 18"

    The 19" tire, with its shorter sidewall and slightly smaller footprint digs in better in the so called "perfect" conditions at the track. It doesn't work as well in other conditions such a mud and sand or protect the rim as well against rocks. Also for the reasons everyone else stated.
  5. SealClubber

    WR426 rebore kits

    Sweetness. The LukesRacing seems to be the way to go. Much cheaper. Thank you, Dan
  6. SealClubber

    WR426 rebore kits

    It's been about 2 years since I've ridden my bike due to near back to back deployments. I will be home soon and I want to rebuild my engine on my 01Wr426F. Is there a resleeve & piston kit out there for this bike that will increase the bore size so I can increase the cc? I don't want to stroke it cuz of the cost and I love the way it revs now. Thanks, Dan
  7. SealClubber

    Pilot Air Screw conversion

    Thanks a bunch. I knew it was on their websight somewhere. Dan
  8. I searched and can't find the answer. I just moved to Kentucky and have lost my charts. Does anyone have the conversion chart for the Pilot Air Screw vs the Pilot Air Jet? i.e. one turn out would equal a PAJ of 75 or whatever. My house is around 1000ft so I am going to start back at the stock settings and work from there but I am not sure where to set the PAS. Thanks, Dan
  9. SealClubber

    Riding in Kentucky

    Thanks a bunch. I will have to check the map to see where these places are. I know the D B forest is SE of Knox a ways. I don't mind driving to ride but it's nice to not have to take an entire day off for riding. Kind of off topic but do you guys run stock jetting down here? Right now mine is set up for 10000 feet. I definitely need to retune. Plan on doing that Saturday. Dan
  10. SealClubber

    riding in Kentucky

    I just moved to Ft Knox. Where are the good trail riding areas? Preferably within an hour or so drive. I don't do tracks, just trails. Thanks, Dan
  11. SealClubber

    Riding in Ft. Knox, Kentucky

    I just moved to Ft Knox, KY. Is there any good trail riding around here. Preferably within an hours drive. Thanks, Dan
  12. SealClubber

    Riding in Kentucky

    I just moved to Ft Knox, KY. Is there any good trail riding around here. Preferably within an hours drive. Thanks, Dan
  13. SealClubber

    Riding Areas

    I just moved to Ft Knox, KY. Are there any good riding places anywhere around here. Preferably within an hours drive. I ride trails not tracks. Thanks, Dan
  14. I bought mine used and lowered. My first dirt bike. I just though it was how the WR was supposed to be setup. They didn't have another to compare it to. Anyway, after I found out I had them reset to the stock height. The shock spring was the same but the forks used shorter softer springs. I still have them. They are race tech springs. I will have to dig them out to get the rate. Will sell them cheap if you want them. That fork springs were the only change. Everything else was internal adjustments and the only cost was labor, about $200 front and rear. My local shop did it. I could turn way better with the lowered setup but I am 6' and wanted the longer travel and clearance. Hope this helps.
  15. SealClubber

    Rear Brake Reservior

    Anyone know who makes an aluminum rear brake reservior? Mine keeps melting from the exhaust pipe. Never did it before last week. Haven't touched or changed anything. Don't know why it is doing it now. I seem to recall Procircuit making one but they don't have it on their web site. I am going to fabricate a hanger to lower it away from the pipe but I would still like a stronger one.