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  1. I have a Z50R and we want to put a manual clutch on it. I have been offered a CT70 bottom end for a good price and I was wondering if I could easily replace the centrafugal clutch on the Z50R with the manual clutch from the CT70.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I Checked that and they are in good shape. Things are actually not as good as I thought at first. Currently having difficulty shifting at all. Had to fiddle with it for about 5 minutes to get it in any gear at all. I tried it with the engine running and with the engine off. Finally got it into first with the engine off. Over the course of the day we have managed to get it into each gear for a while. It runs well in each gear with no unusual noises but very inconsistant shifting and occationally slips out of gear.
  3. Our 1984 Z50R is acting up when shifting gears. It usually (not always) shifts into first ok. It seems to jerk when I shift into second. It won’t go into third, it seems like it goes into neutral when I try to go to third. Last time it happened I coasted to a stop and I could hear a tinkling sound coming from the clutch area. My guess is that the transmission was between gears, but I am no expert. We made several minute clutch adjustments and they had no effect on the problem. We also have a 1980 Z50R and it doesn’t behave like this. What do you think the problem is?
  4. Popup

    automatic clutch adjustment

    My Z50R is an 84 but I would be surprised if the adjustment proceedure changed that much. My manual says loosen the 14mm nut on the right side case. turn the post with a screwdriver counterclockwise until you feel resistance then turn it in(clockwise) 1/8 to 1/4 turn. Is the proceedure described just an alternate or better way? or is the proceedure for an 87 really that different?
  5. Actually yes we will be selling one pretty soon I was going to put it on ebay. How much are they worth and how much trouble is it to ship them?
  6. I have a Z50R and I think the engine parts could look a lot better. I'm not so worried about getting rid of the scratches. Some parts have discolored areas other parts look like they may be painted. The clutch cover seems to be a different material than the flywheel cover and the two halves of the case. I would guess that most of these parts are aluminum. What is the best way to make the engine look it's best?
  7. Yes we are aware of the proper way to adjust the clutch and after performing that adjustment the kick start will not engage. It's hard to say if the shifting problems are due to the clutch adjustment since we cant start it when it is properly adjusted. I would agree that the clutch is probably worn. So your opinion is that the clutch work is the better option. I agree that the clutch work sounds easier than swapping top ends but then the question remains is the behavior of the transmission a symptom of the clutch problem or is it unusual for a transmission to behave that way as a result of a worn clutch?
  8. We have a 1984 Z50R (purchased for parts) and a 1980 Z50R. Both run but both have problems and we need to know which problems are easier to tackle and what make sense. We have checked the compression on both and they are both about the same at 120 PSI. The 1980 is clearly burning some oil, this is evident by the blue/white smoke and the deposits on the spark plug. The 1984 appears to have a clutch problem of some sort. When we adjusted the centrifugal clutch to spec the kick-start does not engage. After misadjusted the clutch so that the bike can be started we are noticing occasional shifting problems (skipping gears). Is it reasonable to suspect that the shifting problems are just a symptom of the clutch problem? We have considered top end repairs (piston/cylinder) but the break in process as described in the manual is pretty time consuming and we would like to avoid that. Some of the things we are considering are: 1. Do nothing just keep using the 1980 as is 2. Replace the valve seals on the 1980 3. Fix the clutch on the 1984 and swap the engines 4. Swap the top ends Obviously we are open to other suggestions. We would like to keep the expenses low. This is a father son project. We also don’t want to have both bikes out of commission for an extended period of time but have no objection to having one out of commission.