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    My SM stolen - UK

    Thanks for all the support guys! I've been analysing the CCTV. Matched up the clothing over a couple of days. Now it may be coincidence but unless the dirty scum bags havent changed their clothes for 72 hours or been swapping clothes I now know who it is! Oh and police......huh what a f$$kin joke! "we'll be in touch" Case isnt even assigned to anyone yet.
  2. r0bsk1

    My SM stolen - UK

    Yeah thats me. As well as the fender the SOB's also made off with a completed £££ order destined for Italy
  3. r0bsk1

    My SM stolen - UK

    Oh and the other sickening thing is that the new carbon fibre fender i have just produced was mounted at the time!
  4. r0bsk1

    My SM stolen - UK

    Well i've found the remains of the ignition barrel smashed to bits. I've been told by the police that the cctv is no good as i dont have signs up to inform the scum they are being filmed. In fact it could be me up for prosecution! This country is f$$ked!!! I've got a fair idea who it is. I'll introduce them to a petrol can and blow torch.
  5. r0bsk1

    My SM stolen - UK

    Guys my SM was stolen in the early hours of this morning. The scum must have broken through 3 lock and a disc lock on the rear. God knows what they've done to the rear brake. I've tracked it to a local field where it has been hotwired, ragged about a bit and then off to god knows where. My only hope is that she kicks and they have a serious accident! Im in Pontefract, west yorkshire so if anyone is likely to be local and see/hear a black DRZ please get in touch. Here's a sickening image....
  6. Well as you put it like that, it sounds bloody brilliant! I'd like to see that machine in action and then see the techies popping the mould! But i bet they've got some high tech PTFE impregnated superalloy that just slides out. I've been considering a CNC router for more complex cutting but i'd need 4 axis to do it properly which is gonna cost ££££
  7. Resurecting Erling's thread on how to make a fender. Here's my revised version straight from the mould after a quick trim. It's revealed a number of issues. The female mould still needs further smoothing where it has been filled and some of the corners need softening even more as there were a couple of voids. Also the vac bag must have got a puncture at some stage so its not laminated correctly in an area. All in all its not that bad. This cloth was a satin weave. I needed the 2x2 twill for another contract and the 4x4 twill is too expensive to experiment on.
  8. Ah yes, the thread that inspired it all:worthy: Oh yeah never noticed the time. Think im high off the styrene fumes!
  9. :lol: Well the GRP mould has been taken of the fender. It released nice and easy for a change. Theres one or two voids but the moulds going to be modded anyway so im not that bothered. I see you've also done the handguards too. Are they the KTM ones? Would you mind posting a pic please?
  10. Looks very nice Erling! My turn now:thumbsup: I use a 800gsm quad-axial construction carbon for the inner layers of most of my products. It's 4 layers of unidirection sewn together where each layer is oriented 45 degrees to the last.
  11. Its a cracking feeling when it pops out of the mould intact. How was release? I have a right old battle with grp moulds!
  12. Don't forget the gravitational effects from the Sun and Moon alignment! It would be almost impossible to get right consistantly. Yeah i'l thought about copyright issues. WRP also do the same fender so could have 2 of the blighters after me! I agree with changing the mould, just have to wait for a break in the good old British rain. I use epoxy produced by a local firm and always get good results. I used West Coast once. It was very expensive and results weren't great. Current hardener gives demould time is 12 hours at +20 degrees and the gel will dry clear. I'm ramping up the temp to around 100 degrees and demouling after an hour.
  13. This is what my first attempt looks like. I've only given it a quick trim. This was also the first time i've sprayed the epoxy gel coat and allowed to cure before applying the carbon cloth and epoxy. Im not convinced on this method as I think it gives a 'fogged' look to the gel coat. May be a wet sand and lacqure would sort it. You can see where the carbon cloth hasnt moulded correctly and the resin has pooled in to the tight corners For this fender I cheated and didnt create my own mould. I simply used the inside of the plastic fender and used high stretch vacuum bagging material to compress it all. Kind of worked.....in places This method is not going to work due to the sharp angles so i'll create my own GRP mould, mod it to remove many of the silly angles, mould that with carbon fibre, then create a production mould also from carbon fibre.
  14. Yeah creates a nice mini firework display if a strand gets sucked in. I've covered all the air inlets on my tools with breather cloth now. I could do with devising vacuum extraction for my current setup. I had a compressor pump let go on me too on my old vac bag setup but that was because a one way flow valve failed and the compressor had to work overtime to build up the vacuum again. These were the days when demould time was 12hours +. I'm now using a halogen heater at 200 degrees and a medical vacuum pump that was used for draining bodies of 'fluids'!