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  1. mx4me5

    need some places to ride nc,sc,ga

    Check out NC Motorsports Park (www.ncmp.net) They have 3 MX tracks, 2 kids tracks, and woods trails. Open everyday. :-)
  2. mx4me5

    MX Families look'n 4...

    Check out NCMP, they have several tracks, + trails and you can camp right at the park. www.ncmotorsportspark.com - Henderson, NC
  3. mx4me5

    NC Racing Sunday 10/22

    This thread is about NC Motorsports Park. You should start your own about cowbranch, it's really an easy thing to do. Seaclusion, we will see you there! Looking forward to it!
  4. mx4me5

    New race series - GPX Championship

    Sounds fun. Anyone else ever race one of these?
  5. mx4me5

    Benefit Race Weekend @ NCMP 5/27-28/06

    Looks like a fun weekend for a good cause, I'll be there!
  6. mx4me5

    Saw this on motocross.com

  7. mx4me5

    Best tracks around Raleigh

    Maybe they put more into MX because that caters to a larger crowd. I rode the tracks and the trails. I got a 7.5 mile loop including the single track. All I'm saying is maybe they are'nt for everyone and how can you dog a place that's open for us to ride. I think a better approach would be if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Learned that at age 5
  8. mx4me5

    Best tracks around Raleigh

    I don't think it's fair to say they have no trails to speak of. That may be your opinion. I harescrambled there twice this year and the trails were sweet. I rode there two weeks ago and they were still sweet. They are not for everyone, they are for experienced riders only. They did build a 1 mile beginner trail that I checked out and it was real easy. That is the trail to learn how to gain complete control of your bike on. I know whoever works on or builds those trails deserves a little more credit for their efforts. Brushy Mountain has a wide range of trails also.
  9. mx4me5

    Places to ride in North Carolina?

    The website for NC Motorsports Park is www.ncmotorsportspark.com if you want to check it out, it's about 40 minutes north of Raleigh.
  10. mx4me5

    Pit Bike Racing Uner The Lights!!!!!

    Anyone coming out 7/23 for the mx race and pit-bike race?
  11. mx4me5

    North Carolina Motorsports Park

    I just read about the HS on the NCHSA website, it's official. 8/7 race. Checked out NCMP website and mx race 7/23 with pit-bike racing at night under the lights.
  12. mx4me5

    Pit Bike Racing Uner The Lights!!!!!

    Went this weekend for the first time, the pit-bike track looks sweet. Next race is 7/23, we're definetely going to check it out!
  13. mx4me5

    North Carolina Motorsports Park

    Went this weekend for the first time, it was awesome. They do alot of track grooming so it was in good shape. I'm going to check out their mx race next Saturday, 7/23. I give it a