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    wow. if that little punk took out my son or daughter, i'd make sure he left in the ambulance....then i'd beat his dad and the manager down...and key "we're fat homos" into every panel of their truck and trailer
  2. flyinguitars

    millville nj motorsports mx tracks

    You got that right...I remember when they built a development not far off the runway at south jersey regional airport (and directly below the landing pattern)...people moved in and started to complain about the noise from the airplanes. The airport was there for years and these yentas move in and start yapping....friggen idiots.
  3. flyinguitars

    two bikes stolen in south jersey

    That sucks. Hopefully, whoever stole them will die riding one.
  4. flyinguitars

    Mt Pleasant in NJ?

    That was very hurtful. I haven't heard anything else...no matter what, thats a location that should be looked at as a possible NJ orv site.
  5. flyinguitars

    Mt Pleasant in NJ?

    I was talking to a friend this morning and he said that he heard Mt Pleasant may open up again. This is the first i've heard of this. Have any of you heard anything about it?.....he's fat and gay, but usually isn't full of sh1t. That would be great....I liked that track
  6. flyinguitars

    New Jersey Questions

    If I did your jungle tour, would I need insurance? I have some, but it's through a friend. Also, would would happen if I brought my B game instead?
  7. flyinguitars

    Narrowed it down to three bikes

    The G2moto 160R1 is a nice bike!
  8. flyinguitars

    New G2 Moto pitbikes are here !

    dirtslammer, that bike is ridiculously fast! its def in the realm of full size mx bike speed and power ratio
  9. flyinguitars

    Setting beads on new tires. (help)

    if you take them up to 100psi, let me recommend that you wear hearing protection and safety glasses. I had a tire/tube explode on me a few years ago and i went deaf in my left ear for a few days. Still have partial hearing loss from that. I had my pressure valve set at 90psi. I still use that method to seat the bead, but always grab glasses, gloves, and hearing protection before I over inflate.
  10. flyinguitars

    Moving to Philly, living in NJ.

    where in NJ are you moving? Pm me with your contact info, I may know of a few legal private places close to you.
  11. flyinguitars

    G2 Moto = bulletproof

    Any pics or video of the new g2 moto midsize climbing?
  12. flyinguitars

    Riding in New Jersey

    I got my sidecar plated. I was speedin up and down and all over. I got my insurance thru a friend.
  13. flyinguitars

    New G2 Moto pitbikes are here !

    So, with the supermidsize 14/17 bike, you could pick up a set of mx 12/14 wheels and a set of 12/12 motard wheels and go from a woods/playbike to a mx pitbike to a motard bike......that's cool!
  14. flyinguitars

    New G2 Moto pitbikes are here !

    My kid's 10th birtday is today. He rode the Super mid yesterday and loved it. Instead of an 85, he's getting the super mid tonight after his birthday cake! The bike is awesome! The midsize is an awesome bike too!
  15. flyinguitars

    Fastace AS-01's

    There are 3 models of fastace forks out there for pitbikes. Within those three models, there are at least two versions of one model that I know of: AS03 - not too good, pretty cheap and ok for just riding around not real good for mx AS02 - (at least to versions or an updated model and original model) second version very good when the oil is changed and the air pressure is set right. rebound control on one fork compression control on the other. These are pretty good forks when you get them set are are fine for hitting big jumps and whoops, etc AS01 - the latest pitbike forks from fastace. These are the forks that the original poster asked about and they are very good. I can't remember the diameter, but they are wider and completely different internals than both the as01 and as02 models...and they have very nice triples too. They are very similar to bike bike forks and feel very smooth. I think for the money, they are the best pitbike forks currently available. In my opinion they are very close to zokes....or even perform just as well. The DNMs are good too, but the dnm uses a 2 piece progressive spring that have too much sag in the top of the stroke.