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  1. z71

    rebuilding top end on 2001 CR 80

    Thanks they just gave me a box full of parts. I will give them a call.
  2. z71

    rebuilding top end on 2001 CR 80

    I don't get it.Did I post in the wrong fourm. I thought there was two strokes on here to.I appologize if I steped on someones toes. I was just asking for help. CR 80- CRF-80 sorry I don't know the difference.Its been awhile since I seen these newer bikes.
  3. Maybe someone could help me. Iam rebuilding my nephew's CR 80 and got all the parts I got a wiseco piston for it and it says to drill holes so oil can get threw the side of the piston. It says to mark it threw the exhaust port and drill holes. Do I have to do this.? Did anyone who put piston and rings in a CR 80 give me a hand. Any suggestions on puting the ring on the piston with out breaking it would be helpful also. Thanks
  4. z71

    2002 450

    I know this is probably a dumb question so here it goes. I want to get a fourstroke bike and can get a decent deal on a 02 450.I have not been on a bike in a while and basically will probably just trail ride and maybe once in a while go to a private track. Is there any problems with the 02 450?. Would it be reliable?. It is used is there anything I should look for?.Thanks
  5. z71

    Ktm 300?

    Thanks for the info.
  6. z71

    Ktm 300?

    I want to get back into riding dirtbikes I just have been riding quads I can get a decent trade for a KTM 300 2 stroke but really don't know much about them. It is used its a 2001 or 2002 what do I look for if there is problems?. Can you get parts if something happens to it. All the dealers around here are the basic Honda-Suzuki-etc. Is it a good bike?. Thanks and sorry for the stupid questions.
  7. z71

    Trading my 450

    It has 1,600 miles. I have a Warn electric lift snow plow for it. 2 sets of tires for it with wheels so you can switch them fast.One set is stock. The other set is stock wheels on 25 inch 589's. I have a Uni filter in it. 700 belt for better performance. EPI clutch springs.Black secondary and Pink Primary. I have a Green one also.I have a Higlifter module for better performance. I have photos here. http://photos.yahoo.com/zader2012
  8. z71

    Trading my 450

    I have a 2003 Kawasawki Prairie 650 for trade. 2 sets of tires stock and 25inch 589's Warn electric lift plow. EPI springs. High lifter module.