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  1. Billion81

    K-Dub's win was great

    Agreed- I had to find the results on the web (not on TV where I live) and Reed said "Windham ran a great race". What i would call a compliment. Pretty hard to hate on Windham. 6IX has a cool feature on him. Didn't know he was a pilot.
  2. Billion81

    Stewart out Faking (From another forum)

    Yeah- I love seeing Bubba Beat RC
  3. Billion81

    What pitbike to buy

    I have a SGR edition X4 and it rips. The thing pulls a ton. Staggs built the motor to around 16HP. I love it. I still love the 250F but this thing is fun to take out with my son on the little 65-80 cc tracks. for the money it is an insane value. Make sure you go through SGR though as they are totally hands on and great with Customer service.
  4. Billion81

    new to Air cooled/GPX motors

    Thanks for the quick reply. I certainly didn't see anything but thought the embarassment of the stupid question was worth it. Any other thoughts on what to watch out for? This thing rips like crazy- it is WAY modified by the guys at Staggs.
  5. Billion81

    new to Air cooled/GPX motors

    Do these little Pitster motors have oil Filters? Always had big 250s and 125s so I am clueless on these little bikes. Ran the motor and want to put new oil in but am braindead on if there is a filter. I know-stupid is as stupid does but???? Help a newbie to these little air cooled monsters.. BTW it is a new Pitster X4
  6. Billion81

    Moto XXX CRF250R w/EFI *PICS*

    He's right- This is no different from the works exemption in MX. If the manufacture can homologate at least 800 for sale units of the proposed model than it will be allowed to run. Brings up an interesting point that SX might perhaps consider an "open" or unlimited class like in MOTO GP. Then again it might be hard for the television type folks.
  7. Two things- 1. We have ALL been there even, as 7 year olds who are getting on the pee wee track and here the little KTM and LEMs screaming around are freaking out the newbiew on thier spanking new CRF50s and such. Youreally need to spend some time on a track when it is a bit quieter. Weekends are nuts for the novice/beginner. Lake Elsinore is absolute bedlam on the weekends and I find myself laughing it is so busy. Still, perhaps that is all you can manage with your schedule. See if you can find a track with weekday practice sessions and sneak out of work early Busy tracks with a bunch of hardcore riders is very intimidating to a new rider and will have you riding so tight that you will not try stuff that you should be to move forward. Consider renting a track- Me and my buddies get together and rent tracks out here and it is just us and our kids. Again a bit pricey but with 6 or 7 Friends it is truly ideal. A time to really concentrate on jumps corners and whoops. YOu can even ride the National track without feeling like a total goon. Also consider some instruction. Depending on where you are there are some good schools in MD and likely PA as well. I am with everyone on the forum here. Hold your line, Don't exit the track unless you are TOTALLY SURE you are clear. The hotshots will work around you and not break a sweat and the guys who do get touch are those C riders with more balls than brains anyways. I saw a guy on a works CRF450R that was so tricked out and he was riding so far over his head that I don't think I saw him land a clean jump. Almost endoing every landing and yet gassing and roosting on all the flats and corners. He was a joke with a 20K bike and LIfted truck with tatoos and all the goodies. meanwhile he was hastling everyone he thought was beneath him until he tried to brake pass one of the local heavies and he got thumped......Hard. Options are out there. Have fun. Take your time. Seriously-lessons!!!!Come out here to Cali and meet with Marty Smith. He'll sort you out so fast you will chasing down all the big dogs.
  8. Billion81

    four stroke snow job

    Remember that the manufacturers are also seeing 2 Stroke engines being phased out of PWCs (for environmental), and other recreational vehicles so there is less reason for them to put any effort into these motors. But really it is about power and single design to deliver a great range of power, from air cooled 50cc motors to 230 HP 990cc MotoGP freako motors. Evolution of the technology. The 2 stroke motors were great for MX becuase they kept the older, heavier bikes that much lighter and delivered power from some small motors. Not much of a point huh? If you could swing it keep that thing and it might be worth some dough some day. We watched it happen in MotoGP and it had nothing to do with Emissions and everything to do with power.
  9. Billion81

    '06 - $5.5k

    Emailed him as soon as I saw that- Sold....rats
  10. Billion81

    '06 - $5.5k

    Assuming this means it was back yard ridden, that's a hell of a deal. Is it stock or have any mods? Like to know more about "gently used" but still it sounds like awesome deal and someone needs to dump a bike for quick cash.
  11. Billion81

    You Got Balls?

    See the new "Reason for Being" editorial in the Feb, Racer X by Davey Coombs. He makes some great points on this very topic.
  12. Billion81

    '06 - $5.5k

    OK- This has peaked my interest. I loved my '06 but sold when I got injured. ready to ride again and plan on getting a new one. What should I be looking for as an OTD cost on an '06. Someone said a '07 for $200.00 more so what should that be? I think the guys here in Orange County actually had some '05's but heard those had more valve issues. Wow- good to be back on this board.
  13. Billion81

    You Got Balls?

    I agree- My 250F is all I need and all I will ever need. The 450 has sooo much power that they wear you out. I took my brothers YZ450F out for a day and was over it pretty fast. I read about more people selling 450s and getting on 250s than the other way around. Grab a handfull of 250F by accident and you just have to hang on a bit. Grab a handful of 450F by accident and your are going to fruit loop that thing. I can power wheelie a 250F no worries or do a slow throttle burp and pop that thing right up and do vanity wheelies all day. I am 6'2 and 180 so that bike is perfect for me.
  14. Billion81

    women and 450's

    Can you give some details on the shoulder injury? I just finished rehabing a shoulder injury (SLAP tear) and appear to have really torn the other. Ugh.
  15. Billion81

    women and 450's

    Totally agree- Your husband's friend sounds a bit insecure. I was at Elsinore on my 250F (Plenty for this Male) and saw Sarah Whitmore on a RM250 two stroke, and just kill everyone else at the track. Just to put a point on it she passed some big dude on a tricked out 450 and did no footer over the table top. If you are riding "A's" then for sure you have all the skill for a bike like that. Go for it and roost your husband's buddy next time you pass him.