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  1. Suzuki

    ok sounds good thanks man
  2. Suzuki

    the thing is i dont have an airbox i clamped the k&n to the carb just like you would do on the i took the airbox off...should i go up more than a a 150 maybe??
  3. Suzuki

    alright that sounds good guys thanks for the for the head pipe ive never really compared them together ive just seen mine and then seen the aftermarket at different points and never really had the time to pay to much attention or bring them together and look...but thanks for the heads up.....
  4. Suzuki

    heres another question this on might be a wild idea but it been racking around in my head so i thought id ask you guys...i dont want to spend the money on a full pipe system for the z plus whats the pourpose of buying a head pipe when the size doesnt change?i was lookin at the yoshi and white brothers silencers but i dont think i want to break down and pay that much i had an idea what if i just gut the stock pipe compleately and put the spark arrester cap back on..(i currently have it off and it gave me a little more power)..would my idea just be to much hassle and time,or does it sound like i should give it a try...if it fails ill probably just go buy a yoshi or wb.....plz help thanks~~ltzrider911
  5. Suzuki

    ok i just bought a clamp on k&n for my ltz 400 i put it on and just like i though its sucking in too much air the main jet in the carb is the stock 130. what size jet do you reccomend i rejet it with?and does any one know how much roll design long travel a-arms with elka shocks would be?thanks~Ryan