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  1. JHR

    engine install ????

    Ok whats the best (easiest) way to put the engine back in the frame? Done it a couple of times (different bikes/years) and haven't found the right combo yet. I've unbolted the shock and swingarm,left the head off,but there has to be an easier way. 06 is what i'm working on now but also have an 04 to do. Just thought someone might have some tricks to make it easier. Thanks.
  2. JHR

    Cleaning Air Filter

    NO do not use engine oil!!!!! It is not "tackey". It will not trap dirt and it will eventually all run to the bottom of the filter(and out the bottom of the airbox). Use a good foam filter oil like Bel-ray,maxima etc.
  3. I've read on here that some people have used the 04 piston in their 03 450.What's the difference?I'm rebuilding my 03(bought it used),putting SS intake valves(probably kibbilwhite),but what about exhaust-is stock HON. ok or should i use kibbilwhite? I've never adjusted the exhaust,always been spot on, but i'm gonna replace them anyway.Any other advice while i'm in there?