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  1. KS

    Shaver Lake Question

    Not a bad idea. I might check into that. Thanks
  2. A buddy and I are doing our first bike/camping trip this Thursday-Sunday. We're going to park the truck in Shaver Lake, unload the bikes and ride/camp for four days. This is either going to be really fun, or a complete disaster. Anyone have any idea where I can leave my truck for 4 days without pissing anyone off? Thanks
  3. KS

    Chain ?

    I've been carrying one of these in my fender bag for years. I've used it many times.....works great. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/43/-/171/756/-/3002/Tusk-Chain-Press-Tool/CHAIN+PRESS
  4. Did everyone miss the part where he said the tires had 3000 miles on them? You didn't specify what kind of bike it is or what kind of riding you do. I ride 90% dirt and 10% street with my 03 525. I'm lucky to get 1000 miles out of a tire (front or rear). If I got 3000 miles out of a dirt bike tire, I'd be giggling like a little school girl. Not trying to be a douche, just saying.
  5. KS

    California Tinta Trail

    Has anyone ridden the Tinta Trail recently? I was wondering what kind of shape it's in. I was thinking of taking my son on a ride tomorrow (he's on a plated 520). Several years ago I did a VCMC DualSport ride that started at the Flying J in Frazier Park, went through Gorman, up Frazier Mt, into Pine Mt, through Quatal Canyon, had lunch in Ventucopa, rode the Tinta trail and came back across Lockwood to FP. I know Frazier Mt is still closed, but I was thinking of doing a modified version of that ride. Flying J to the little town of FP, hit the Tecuya trail, into Pine Mt, then Quatal Cnyn, have lunch in Ventucopa, ride the Tinta trail and just ride all the way back on Lockwood. Do you think Tecuya is open? (I don't think it's nearly as high up as Frazier Mt) We just need to ride!!!!!!! Thanks
  6. KS

    Tail/Brake Light Kit

    If I remember correctly, there is already an 1157 bulb in there. Honda just uses the running light portion of the bulb. Just run a wire to the socket and put in a brake light switch.
  7. KS

    Tail/Brake Light Kit

    Are you asking how do you use your existing tail light housing and turn it into a tail light / brake light? If that's the question, the bulb socket that comes stock in the XR400 is set up for a dual filament 1157 bulb. If you look in the bottom of the socket, there is already a hole where the brake light wire goes. All you need to add is the wire in that empty hole and you've got a tail / brake light. If this isn't what your asking, the others probably answered your question already.
  8. KS

    Arizona Plate?

    I'm confused......If you live in California, why do you want an AZ plate? You've got a 50 state street legal bike. Just register it in California. Did I misunderstand the question?
  9. Got a chance to ride yesterday with my son and I can report that both my 76CSX and his Vista CX worked perfectly all day with the "lock on road" function disabled. We did 115 miles yesterday out in the desert and we were following tracks that someone else had made and the units both stayed on the tracks the entire time. There was one time when I thought my original problem had returned, but it turned out we actually took a wrong turn and the unit was showing me exactly what it was supposed to. Thanks to everyone who helped out and special thanks to 2TrakR for pointing out a feature that I think many of us were unaware of.
  10. 2TrakR, Thanks for that info, I checked both my 76csx and my son's Vista Cx and that feature was indeed "on" on both of them. I also talked with Garmin and they agreed that it should be turned off when following tracks in remote areas. It will be a couple of weeks before I will get a chance to ride again, so I can't really check it out just yet. Thanks for your help.........
  11. "Lock on Road" Now there's something I haven't checked. Do you know if that feature is enabled all the time or is it only while you are navigating to a waypoint? Most of the time we are just following a track so the GPS is not trying to "Route" us anywhere. Thanks, I'm going to check that out. It might explain why I'm not having this issue with R&R.
  12. KS

    New to me 450 EXC!!

    You don't have to unbolt the shock. With that said, I WOULD.. You only need to do it once. Do it once and establish another reference point. I use 4 fingers under the swingarm behind the chain slider. I came up with that after I set it one time with the shock out. KS
  13. Jerry, Actually the tracks I was using last weekend were yours. I got them from your library on GPS Exchange. We were riding from Jawbone to Randsburg. EP15, EP11, R110...etc... As I said before....the tracks are good, it's the map that's wrong. Because when the map snaps into place, I'm right on top of the tracks I'm trying to follow. I will check the power save when I get home. Is that fuction disabled when you are hardwired to the bike (which I am)? Also, why do you say I need to be at 800' or 0.2 only? I am at 800 but that's just because I settled on that because I like that level of zoom.
  14. Actually, it happens in the middle of the desert too. It's not the GPS accuracy, it's the map. I make all the tracks I follow Green and the tracks I laydown are Red. So, as I'm riding, I'm laying Red over Green. You can take off on a trail that you know is correct and you're laying a Red track into the middle of nowhere and you can see the Green track off to the left or right of you. Eventually the map will "snap" into position and your Red track that was in the middle of nowhere, is now right on top of the Green track (as it should be)
  15. There might be something to the 3 satt thing. Next time this happens I'll look at my satt page and see how many I'm locked onto. However, that doesn't explain why this didn't happen on my old 76CS and it doesn't seem to happen when I just use Roads & Rec on the "X" models.