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  1. bbgmx

    Pit Bike Racing Uner The Lights!!!!!

    Great show guys the track was perfect................Can't wait for the next one. Does anyone know when the next race is?? I also heard something about a pro class maybe
  2. bbgmx

    Pit Bike Racing Uner The Lights!!!!!

    I'll be there ready to go Can't wait for the tag team pit bike race that was a blast!!!!!
  3. bbgmx

    NC home?

    I know there are alot of great areas to chose from. We moved to NC a few years ago. Love the weather and being able to ride all year. I just have a few words of advice. Make sure you check out the schools. If your looking into neighborhoods ask around how they feel about the schools. You can always travel to ride, but your children will have to go to the school everyday. We just met some folks who have moved here from CA a few months ago. We are from the Raleigh area. Really great people. Good luck in what you decide. Let us know how it works out.
  4. bbgmx

    Pit Bike Racing Uner The Lights!!!!!

    The last time I was there the pit bike track was awesome and now I've heard they have made some changes. Can't wait to check it out. If your in the area stop by.