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  1. If you've seen those downhill Mtn Biker helmet cam videos you would know those bastards are just as crazy as enduro bikers. It looks like fun I want to try it, if they rent bikes. Downhill MTB's cost like $2000 ! You could buy a decent bike with an actual motor for that much.
  2. InlawBiker

    desert 100 start debacle

    It's up to Stumpjumpers of course, but I would think if there's a false start of any kind then the hole shot award should be null and void. What's to stop people from bolting early next year if there's no penalty for jumping?
  3. InlawBiker

    Share-post your Desert 100 pictures and videos

    Some shots from the hill watching the race begin.
  4. InlawBiker

    Share-post your Desert 100 pictures and videos

    Trav I saw you taking pictures ... what lens are you using? It looks huge.
  5. InlawBiker

    desert 100 start debacle

    Because using a cannon if F^CKING COOL!
  6. InlawBiker

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    A favorite moment - the ridiculous pile-up near the start of the poker run, where riders kept crashing trying to ride the middle trail of the rock shelf. I was swapping my spark plug watching the debacle. It was funny watching all the problems people had with this hill. My 7-year-old rode almost all the way up it on his xr50, he needed a push at the top. My favorite part was seeing about 12 bikes queued up or laying over trying to get up this trail. This big dude rolls up on a vintage Yamaha 360 Enduro (which was pristine by the way) takes a quick gander then rolls up, around and through bikes, up to the left and weaves through 3 modern bikes are struggling to get up this hill. No problem! I also love to see the big dual-sports on the trail. I saw the guy on the KTM Adventure 990 dump the bike pretty hard and couldn't pick it back up. My kid went by him and I had to follow him so I couldn't stop to help you up. Sorry about that dude! That is a heavy load to pick up. The kids were dreading the stream crossing but it was dry. Was there a water crossing this year in the race? A lot of folks stopped to help the kids if they went down, and we got a ton of thumbs-up and support, thank you folks!
  7. InlawBiker

    2009 200xc Jetting in the NW

    My 2006 was jetted rich. The JD kit blue needle woke it up at low revs, it's maybe the best money I spent on this bike. Most of my riding is (WAS) at Reiter, near sea level. The kit also has a needle for high revs. I would talk with JD about your specific year and what he recommends for high altitude.
  8. InlawBiker

    ***DeSeRt 100 StOrIeS***

    This was my 5th trip to the Dez. No race this year though, my buddy and I brought our oldest boys (7 and 8 year olds) for the family poker run for their first time. The boys managed to finish the 25 miles in about 5 hours... most of it 1st gear putting through the desert! They survived crashes, wind, dust, crowds, exhaustion... devoured a hot dog and kept going. At the awards we quickly realized a pair wasn't going to get us a trophy. But then somebody gave my son his 4-of-a-kind card. He ran up there like his pants were on fire to get a trophy! That made his whole trip, thank you whoever you are. He woke up this morning talking about going back, he wanted to bring that trophy to school so bad. We hung around for the start, but it was obvious some riders took off early. That's a shame the cannon start is the best part of the whole race. Not getting to race or even ride hard was not a big deal after seeing the big dirty grins our our kids faces. Thanks Stumpjumpers for another awesome weekend!
  9. InlawBiker

    desert 100 start debacle

    The kids got a kick out of the Easter Bunny on a bike. He was right at the start so I got a picture of him.
  10. I planned that once too but when I got lined up on the fence and the cannon went off I got all excited and ran for it. I also figured out you don't need to give the fast guys a head start. They get a head start no matter what! Have fun it's a blast.
  11. InlawBiker

    are thier dunes in western wa?

    No dude we live in a forest. We have epic mountain trails here but no dunes. Drive to Beverly or Moses Lake if you must have sand.
  12. InlawBiker

    How’ s dirtriding in Washington State?

    Riding here is awesome, but Western WA has it's share of "Greenies" who make no secret about their plans to shut down this sport. There are still a few places to ride here in the Winter but summer Mountain riding is epic. If you ride here you're going to ride in the rain sometimes, there's no way around it. Everett is close to Walker Valley, which is still open year round. http://www.nmaoffroad.org/orvguide/orv2.html You can head to the Eastern side of the state for desert terrain and dunes. WA is twice the size of SC, but if you get bored you can go to Oregon and Idaho for even more riding.
  13. InlawBiker

    Just Wondering what tires you western

    I like the Kenda Millville, it's cheap and works well just about everywhere. In the wet slime I run around 12psi and go up from there depending on conditions. I'm going to try a trials tire next, knowing I'll have to switch back to knobbies if I go East of the mountains.
  14. InlawBiker

    Commuting Sumner to Seattle via "Sounder?"

    I know some people who do it. As everyone says you'll be tied to that train schedule, but to Seattle it's the only way to go. If you have to transfer to a bus then you could be looking at a really long commute. I don't think Microsoft would be an option, being in Redmond. Anything is better than sitting in that Valley traffic though. Personally I'd buy a $3000 commuter motorcycle and a heated Aerostich suit for those days you don't want to train it.
  15. InlawBiker

    Taking the Kid for a Ride

    There is a small open gravel pit, and other than that no open areas I know of. You could run up and down the dirt road, it's probably easier to ride than the gravel pit, since the pit is full of boulders and big rocks. My kid hates the big rocks more than anything. What works best is a big grass field, but I don't know of any we're allowed on.