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    Electrosport 150W stator

    I have the new Electrosport stator and regulator rectifier installed on my 2003 WR450. The product is excellent and their customer service has been second to none. I am sorry that some of you are having trouble sorting out the details of which stator is best based on the numbers. In my opinion, you need to determine which one will work best for you based on how you ride. If you want your bike to be a high powered flashlight while it sits at idle in your garage, maybe the Electrosport stator is not for you. However, if you get out there and ride your bikes, you will better understand the logic behind why Electrosport places the maximum output in the slightly higher RPM range. I do not claim to be an expert on the statistics of all the various stators on the market. I just know that I have really enjoyed my Electrosport stator and do not want to see an excellent product get hammered on this forum by people who have not tried them. If you want to get the real data on how the Electrosport stator performs, buy one and see for yourself. Then you will be able to make a fair assessment of the product.