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    FCR Leaking, Dripping...Help!

    Having the same problem on my '04. I had figured it was the needle valve/seat assembly but found that it was $53 at my local dealer! I can get a direct replacement, if I know the size, for only $15.95 (way better)! So, what size would my stock '04 Mikuni carb require?
  2. I hope I am not asking the same question over again. (Though I probably am.) I truly spend a great deal of time searching this forum for the answer and got close, but no cigar. In a FAQ for the DJ kit, one question involved riding at 5000 feet or higher in elevation all the time. Burned's answer was to change the main jet to a 128. Was this in addition to the 3x3 mod and jet kit? In other words, could the 3x3 airbox mod be all I need- skipping the rejetting, if I always ride at this elevation or higher? Thanks in advance for any info.