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  1. Blue Rocket

    Helcam vid joe :)

    The video was ok but i thought the music was crap. I like watching videos that make me feel like running straight out to the shed, grabbing the bike and riding that sucker. After that, i felt like going to sleep.
  2. hehehe. This thread is like a car crash. I just can't help myself.. i have to keep reading even though i know it's a lame thread.
  3. Blue Rocket

    REQ - XR650R Wheelie video

    Yeah, i've got one but it's a Supermotard video. It's a guy doing wheelies through the streets & tunnels of Paris set to Offspring's 'Come out & play'
  4. Blue Rocket

    Colorado Singletrack Video

    My guess is that it's a monthly thing. Should be ok again at the start of September. I missed out on the last 12 megs.
  5. Blue Rocket

    Why Trucks and Power Lines Don't Mix...

    I see this happen every now and then.. nothing new to me. I'm one of the lineworkers that has to fix these d!ckheads handy work.
  6. Blue Rocket


    Here's a bit of info: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrne/vrne5nav.nsf/childdocs/-55E7C4E2B4A5C914CA256FD300241BD4-A87D81F87AE2EEFACA256FD300241BE7-DDB2ECCA74576FC7CA256FD900212023-665BDF2357B038BCCA257026001F367E?open
  7. Blue Rocket


    Here's the link you can download that video from: http://x102.putfile.com/videos/a5-14608345358.wmv
  8. Blue Rocket

    Best looking bike contest*************

    Which bike do you mean? The CRF-X's catch bottle is behind the left side cover and the DRZ's one is where it is because there's a battery behind the left side cover.
  9. Blue Rocket

    My new yz. i know its thumpertalk..

    No.. are you crazy? Leave the yellow plastics on but swap the chain for a gold one. That bike is sex on wheels.
  10. Blue Rocket

    Baffle removal on a 05 WR450F

    This is just my opinion but i think that aftermarket exhausts for this bike are a waste of money. This stock system (when the baffle is removed) isn't too bad. I'd rather spend my money on a steering stabilizer, suspension work or even a Rekluse auto clutch. Anything to make your ride easier and more enjoyable. All that money for an extra 2-3 horsepower.. not me. But.. people have different priorities.
  11. Blue Rocket

    Baffle removal on a 05 WR450F

    There's a bit of confusion when somebody talks about removing the baffle from the muffler. When you take the endcap off the '05 muffler you will see a pipe that funnels the exhaust out of the endcap and it also extends into the spark arrestor. That pipe and spark arrestor are both held on by 4 bolts. I call this pipe the baffle. In the end of the baffle there is a plastic plug riveted in with 2 rivets. I call this a restrictor. Some people call this plastic part a baffle. I've taken out the entire baffle but bolted the spark arrestor back in. When i bought the bike, the dealer removed/replaced the 2 restrictors... the throttle stop screw and the plastic restrictor in the end of the baffle. EDIT: There are also baffles further into the muffler but i don't think they were meant to be modified. Someone on here has taken those out too but it was a tough job. Not worth it IMO.
  12. Blue Rocket

    Found a cave on the trail

    ooohhh wait !! I can hear banjos playing.
  13. Blue Rocket

    OEM tank

    http://www.clarkemfg.com/ $170 for your bike.
  14. Blue Rocket

    2005 Quick Reference Guide

    Good work Steve. Very handy guide. I downloaded a PDF version of the 2003 manual from and then print the pages for the work i'm going to perform but this is still a handy reference.
  15. Blue Rocket

    Is the head pipe supposed to glow??

    Yes, perfectly normal. Headers these days are quite thin compared to the old ones they used to use. Next time you have some friends over, freak them out by telling them she's about to blow.