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  1. I bought my '07 640 Adventure in October so I can give you some basic observations since I've only put a couple hundred miles on it. Very very fun bike on dirt roads and woods roads. If you're looking at a long stretch of tar,the bike is a bit buzzy. Get ready for tingly hands. I'm 5ft 9in and the seat height is about 3/4 inch lower than my Honda 250X. But with the KTM's wide seat,throwing a leg over it isn't a graceful procedure. I've added the Touratech sidestand and it makes getting on the bike alot easier. I changed oil and filters after my first ride on it.The bike had 1300 miles on it between changes. The bike shifts alot better with clean oil in it.The KTM spin on frame filter is rediculously priced. The K&N filter is alot cheaper. Looking forward to warmer weather to do some serious dual sporting and learn more about the bike. Hope the info helps.
  2. steve-r-e

    Berkshires - specifically Monterey, MA

    If you're going to Monterey, you'll be about 10 minutes from Beartown State Forest. Take Rt 23 west for a bit and then make a right onto Blue Hill Rd. You'll see the forest headquarters on the left at a 4 way intersection. Stop there and get a trail map. Depending who's on duty, they may hit you with a parking fee of 5 bucks. BTW, if you don't have a MA ORV plate,the only way you'll be allowed to ride there, is if your bike is street legal with a street plate from any state. That won't help your buddy unfortunately........
  3. steve-r-e

    Hancock Dual Sport Aug 9+10; going?

    Heading up Friday afternoon. Riding both days. Looking forward to it.
  4. steve-r-e

    Thomaston Dam and Registrations

    That's pretty much par for the course. You go to the DMV and almost all the people working there don't fully know the regs. I've gone into the DMV,asked the same question about registering a dirt bike 4 times and got essentially 4 different answers. :thumbsup:
  5. steve-r-e

    MCCCT, MICHIGAN anyone?

    I'll try to post a bit of a ride report with some pics tonight. Work is getting in the way of doing it now.
  6. steve-r-e

    MCCCT, MICHIGAN anyone?

    Got home from MI on Saturday. Yep we had a great time out there this past week. Lucked out on the weather too. Not sure where Alba is on the route but yea it probably was us. Thanks to all the people we spoke with at the stops we made. Everyone was helpful in pointing us to stores,restaurants,and hotels. Thanks to Michigan for having a great trail system and thanks to all the people who maintain it. Hope to do it again in a couple of years!
  7. steve-r-e

    MCCCT, MICHIGAN anyone?

    We leave CT on the 12th. Probably start riding on Monday the 14th. Starting in Gladwin,and doing the whole thing except the western leg of the "A".
  8. steve-r-e

    MCCCT, MICHIGAN anyone?

    Thanks for the pics! I'm getting psyched!Less than 2 weeks and I'll be there!
  9. steve-r-e

    Who's doing the Thomaston Dam 6/22 HS?

    For those that have raced it before, we plan on doing some different things with this years course. If you've never raced it, give it a try!
  10. steve-r-e

    MI (Long Term Parking) for MCCCT route

    Yep! We leave CT on Sat July 12. The route we picked out is starting in Gadwin going north, west using the cross state connector,then going back north and back around finishing where we started.
  11. steve-r-e

    MCCCT ride the way we all want to!

    I posted about this ride 3-4 months ago. Had a lot of good feedback/info from Cannonshot and Kzoo. We have a good plan mapped out and we're leaving for MI on July 12th. Looking forward to it for sure!!
  12. steve-r-e

    street legal CRF250X??

    I don't know the MA laws, but you should either see if they're on a DMV website,or go to your local DMV office and find out what the minimum equipment is for a street legal bike. A dual sport kit will probably help alot. They may also want DOT tires,brake light switches,etc. When you get that done you'll probably have to get it inspected.
  13. steve-r-e

    West Mass State Forests

    The only option for a place to ride with a CT ORV plate would be Thomaston Dam. If you want to ride the MA forests you'll need the MA ATV plate. I don't know of a law that prohibits having ORV plates from 2 states.
  14. steve-r-e

    Thomaston Dam Rides

    It was that way in the past but this year the Army Corps decided to close it. A deciding factor is the liability issue.
  15. steve-r-e

    Thomaston Dam Rides

    You need either a street registered bike from any state, or you need a CT ORV plate if your bike isn't street legal. Also a ORV plate from a state that recognizes a CT ORV plate in their state will be OK also. I don't know which states those are but MA isn't one of 'em.