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  1. TheJack

    '04 CR85 Shock Rebuild

    Anybody have instructions on how to rebuild this shock? It doesn't have much rebound damping, even when the rebound adjuster is all the way screwed in. Thanks for any help. Jack
  2. TheJack

    '07 KX450F, Busted scavenge oil pump!!!

    '06 scavenge oil pump should NOT be used in the '07. The shaft length from the fork end to the back face of the impeller (side facing the centerline of the engine) is the same as the '07. However, the shaft length that protrudes from the other face of the impeller (facing toward the foot peg) through the scavenge pump cover looks to be about 1mm shorter on the '06. That's not that big of a deal. BUT, the shaft diameter must be several thousandths smaller on the '06. I didn't have a mic, so I couldn't measure the o\.d. It definitely has more play in the pump cover (o.d. of shaft to i.d. of scavenge pump cover). With all that said, keep an eye on the oil level AND the scavenge oil pump shaft. Kawasaki may have a problem, albeit small. There is NO WAY I could've assembled this wrong...and you really can't assemble it wrong if you're checking to ensure the machined surface on the scavenge oil pump cover matches up the engine case. By the way, there is no need to crank the engine over with the kickstarter to see if the pump shaft turns. Just grab the crank nut holding the flywheel nut and turn it with a wrench...it's right in front of yo. It doesn't matter which way you turn it. Good luck, Jack
  3. TheJack

    '08 KX450 F vs. '05 CRF450

    Well then, it ain't the bike. Everybody can twist the throttle and jump, and that ain't where the race is won. Every bike will haul, it's a matter of how dialed you get the suspension and how well you can make it stick in the corners. You probably already knew that. A new bike always feels cool, though. Jack
  4. TheJack

    ok this is bugging me (oil quantity)

    If you don't see any oil in the window after the bike has been off for a few minutes, you're scavenge oil pump may be broken. That's what happened to mine. I've got an '07 and don't know if the oil shaft failure was caused by me or the bike. I checked my oil screen about 4 times and could've fouled up inserting it one time. I noticed my oil level low right after an oil change. Also noticed excessive blow by on my frame...more than normal. What's happening is the oil pump is pumping the oil out of the sump and through the engine. The oil is building up in the left side case (shifter side) and not being pumped back into the sump by the scavenge pump. Not sure if this is a warranty issue or mechanic issue, but I seem to have read some posts where guys trashed their entire engine after a few hours of riding and never got into the engine at all. You should see any oil level in the view window. 1qt is viewable. Good luck. Jack
  5. TheJack

    '07 KX450F, Busted scavenge oil pump!!!

    Should know something today. I have both year model pumps. Jack
  6. TheJack

    '07 KX450F, Busted scavenge oil pump!!!

    It will not rotate with the scavenge pump cover removed? Pull the barrel volute out to make sure if you still think there's a problem. Be careful not to drop the spider gear pin. If you don't have a manual, you can look up this assembly on the kawi website or Alba action sports. Usually it takes a few minutes for the oil to drain back down to a visible level in the window. You should see the original level after the bike has sat for a few minutes. On my bike, the oil level would just disappear unless I leaned it way over. The oil was probably loading up in the left side case cover. You should get some oil residue on the frame from the crankcase vent tube. Not a whole lot, but it will be noticeable on the frame such that if you're a clean freak, you'll wipe it off. I guess I shoulda mentioned that if you take the scavenge oil pump cover off, and you're still concerned that it isn't functioning properly, you can simply pull the spider gear, shaft, pin, and barrel volute out to inspect. You'll know right away if the shaft groove is busted. You can also shine a flash light into the hole where the shaft is check the drive shaft with the tongue. This shaft is the main oil pump drive shaft. I read about a guy whose main drive shaft had broken. Jack
  7. TheJack

    '07 KX450F, Busted scavenge oil pump!!!

    Take the scavenge oil pump cover off and see if you can rotate the shaft with it still in the left side case (alternator side). If you can, it be broke...probably at the tongue-n-groove machining. Let me know what you find out. Jack
  8. TheJack

    '07 KX450F, Busted scavenge oil pump!!!

    See msg below.
  9. TheJack

    '07 KX450F, Busted scavenge oil pump!!!

    Link was no good. Can you fix it? Anybody know why they went from a 2-piece scavenge oil pump in 2006 (shaft with pressed on spider gear, barrel volute) to a 4-piece (shaft, spider gear, retaining pin, barrel volute)? I've got a 2006 version on order than I'll see if it fits in the 2007. The 2007 is a really lame design; almost like a band-aide fix. I can't understand why they went through all the trouble of the extra machining with the 4-piece set up considering I haven't read this to be an issue on the 2007. Interesting, however, is the fact that Kawi publicizes that the 2008 has a 2 mm larger scavenge oil pump. Jack
  10. Hey guys, I've read quite a few posts on the oil screen and the failed scavenge oil pump shafts on the '06 and '07s. Turns out mine is busted also. I cleaned my screen after the 1st ride, and a few times afterward. Recently, I noticed my oil level low, right after I heard some unpleasant sounds at idle...and some fast laps. I've had the bike since March '07 and really enjoy it. I may have 15-20 hrs of time on the bike. My questions are: Is there a problem with the scavenge oil pump shaft on the '07s? Can you actually install the scavenge pump cover flush (with normal installation pressure) if the pin that positions/supports the spider gear is not aligned/countersunk in the spider gear? I never forced the oil pump cover down, so I'm wondering if the design is actually that crappy. Is it? And no, I don't plan on splitting the cases. Thanks for your input and experiences. Jack
  11. TheJack

    Oil coming out of breather tube

    Interesting problem that my 07 KXF450 seems to have contracted. I'm particular about changing oil every 3-4 rides. I'll let the filter go 1 or two oil changes before changing. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that at idle I heard a nasty scrapping sound when the bike was idling after a few hot laps. A little throttle to pick up the rpm and it went away. Check the oil level glass and it was low. What!? Added about 4 ounces and everything was good. Same issue happened yesterday. I added about 8 ounces at the track this time. Drained the oil and change the filter when I got home. Only got about 24 ounces out (0.75qt) total from both plugs. Crap!! Not good. Checked the tranny screen a while back and it was fine. Bike runs good as ever, but something ain't right. Blowby on the frame is normal, but I have a suspicion that it's blowing more oil than normal. Anybody got any ideas? Plugged gallery? I read something about the oil pump not turning when some guys checked their screens for silicone snakes. What's the skinny on that? Thanks, Jack
  12. TheJack

    problems with kx450f

    If you've got an air leak in your carb to intake manifold boot, it would be runnin' lean and not backfiring in the exhaust, but in the intake system, or misfiring all together. Symptoms sound like its running way too rich. I recommend putting the jetting back to stock...whatever that is and have another go at it. If this only happens when you wack the throttle open, the accelerator pump setting is too agressive; it's pumping in too much fuel. Try detuning the accel pump. This has a huge effect on how much light you see out come of the exhaust. Get it? This could be the problem. If the engine has been torn down before, it quite possibly be the cam timing is off like others suggested (e.g. exh valves opening up too early). Good luck. Jack Jack
  13. Thanks for the info guys. Yes, I was aware that the subtank did not need to be drained. I thought the oil that came in the forks was what Kaw recommended. Is it not? (I just got some 5wt FC oil I can run 'em). I didn't want to waste 1 hr old oil...seems silly when you can save it. Jack
  14. Hey guys, Just got an '07 450. Service manual indicates that the oil has to be drained to change the springs. Bummer. Can you just remove the adjuster assembly, pull the rod, put the adjuster assembly back in snug, flip the fork over, pull the subtank from the top, and replace the spring? Rode the bike with the stock springs for 1 hour at 3-Palms last Sunday. What a freakin' blast! Thanks for any input. Jack
  15. TheJack

    best year for the price?

    Buy my 2004 YZ450F, $3,345. It's awesome and I'll throw in a set of Berik Size 12 Blu/Grey boots. Do a search on CycleTrader.com for 2004 YZ450 in Texas. We can talk shipping if you're interested