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  1. Check this out! SMX Racing is making an offer to all the first time racers, to all the street hooligans , to all the riders who always wanted to try supermoto racing, and to all the MX'ers/dirt riders who were curious about supermoto racing. This is an offer you can't refuse..... Any first time riders can race FREE in our Knobby/DOT class. First time free at any of the SMX Racing event. The idea of this promotion is to bring in new riders to our sport. And what better way to try supermoto racing? Its free, what do you have to lose? Instead of spending a ton of money on 17s and big brakes just bring out your dirtbike on knobbies or bring out that street legal bike. "Its a run what you brung." This is the best way to try the sport and see what racing is all about. And if you like it, then you can buy the 17s and big brakes if you'd like. Here is a link to a racer who competed at OCGP on a sportsman/knobby setup. http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/o...mps/OCGP11.jpg Something that few will admit, is that they want to try racing but are intimidated or scared. For the record, I was scared to death at my first race years ago. I did horrible because of it. The truth is that I made it worse than needed to be. Fear helps keep you safe and fear is good to some degree, but we can't let the fear keep us from doing something we want to do. I really hope that fear or intimidation doesn't hold anyone back from participating. All the first timers are in the same situation, they are First timers. The first timers will be riding/racing with others of the same level of experience and like equipment. In other words, a first timer will not be racing around the track with high level riders on dedicated supermoto race bikes. The intention is to bring folks to the sport, not potentially scare them away or put anyone in unsafe position. This is going to be a great chance to try supermoto racing for free. I've attached the Class Definition/Requirements for the Knobby/DOT class. Read it over and see what bikes are allowed. I also suggest going to SMX Racing website www.racesmx.com and reading the Racing Rules. Also, our 2012 race schedule is on our website. So go choose the event you want to have your first supermoto race experience at and come on down. The free promotion excludes Stateline Supermoto Challenge. An important note: DOT Class includes DRZs, WR250s,etc. So street-tard riders, this is your chance to try it. Knobbie / DOT Class: Open displacement Single Standard must have 21-inch (or stock) front wheel and full (stock) suspension travel OEM Steet based bikes that come with 17″ wheels stock are also permitted (aka DRZ400 / WR250 / KLX250SF). Brake rotors, pads and lines may be upgraded, but stock brake calipers must be retained. “Open traction” tire choice. DOT tires are recommended but knobbies are allowed. (Minimum age 12) If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact me or Steve. Thanks, Sean sean@racesmx.com or 760-540-8396
  2. damn dummy

    2012 Stateline Supermoto Challenge

    It's one of the best supermoto races you can do. I'll be there.
  3. damn dummy

    Pikes Peak jetting

    Thanks alot Eddie
  4. Hey Eddie, I'm going to PP for the first time this year. I'm from San Diego area so I need alittle help on jetting. I listed my current setup at sea level and was hoping you could give me a good "jumping off point" for PP. Any help would be much apprecated. Thanks, Sean 07 YZ450 main jet 170 pilot jet 48 needle NFLR-4th starter jet 72 leak jet 55 fuel screw around 2 out K&N filter cut open sides of airbox DrD full exhaust
  5. damn dummy

    SuperMotard in San Diego on Sunday, 9/26?

    They have them once a month. San Diego Karting Assoc. puts them on. The race tomorrow is the last one for the season. Doesn't look like a very big turn out expected for tomorrow. Anyone interested should check it out.
  6. damn dummy

    shorter kickstand

    I've searched with no luck. I need a shorter kickstand for 2005 EXC. Therear suspension was lowered and the OEM stand has the bike about ready to fall over. I saw companies made extenders and hd stands, but haven't seen shorter stands. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. damn dummy

    DRZ KLX300 wheel interchange

    No one else has thought of doing this? I can't find the answer:banghead:
  8. damn dummy

    DRZ KLX300 wheel interchange

    I've searched but can't find the answer. Will a KLX300 wheels fit on a DRZ400sm? Thanks
  9. damn dummy

    CRF Engine Oil! Wheres it going!??

    Chinosupermotoman is saying 95psi because thats what was on the gauge. If the leak down test is performed at 100psi and 95psi is what the gauge shows then that means 5% leakage. What Chinosupermotoman should have said was that his motor had 5% leakage. So for your quote to say that Chino's mechanic is lying is a very quick assumption on your part. Chino should have explained himself better; however, you should accuse people of lying and/or ignorance on an issue that you do not have the facts. Calling out a mechanic on a site like this could potentially cause a loss of customers. If someone is dishonest or ripping people off than they should be called out. But for Wingman to say that Chino's mechanic is either lying, an idiot, or both is not exceptable. Wingman-if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm Chino's mechanic. And I do know the difference between comp and leak down tests, and I don't lie to customers. Check your facts before you run your mouth. How does it feel to be an internet ninja?
  10. damn dummy

    Which YZ for SM & MX

    No one has any insight on this? I find that kind strange.
  11. I am a novice supermoto racer and I currently ride a 2005 YZ450f w/ all the supermoto goodies(ie, slipper, suspension, etc. etc) and I don't plan on putting knobbies back on the bike. However, I need alot of practice in dirt/mx for supermoto and for fun. My question is this, a 450 is more power than I feel I need in the dirt and the 250f(which I've ridden in the past) is a good power for my level on dirt. I plan on buying another 450 for sm later this year but I need a mx bike now. Thinking 250f, but I don't know which years are better. I'm 5' 11" 190lbs, mx beginner, I've ridden 450s and 250f on mx tracks. I'm looking for an affordable, good handling 250f or 450f. I'd rather not spend too much on a 250f because I may out grow the power, and if a 450 is what is advised I'd be willing to spend alittle more for a newer one. Anyone w/ any advice as to which bike would be a good mx practice bike would be great. I will be riding Pala, Lake Elsinore, and other local tracks. Thanks in advance.
  12. damn dummy

    Anyone made a carb heat shield?

    Okay, I did my photobucket thing. Here are a couple pictures
  13. damn dummy

    Anyone made a carb heat shield?

    I made one out of thin gauge stainless steel. Aluminum absorbs heat and stainless rejects heat(but weighs alot). My heat shield weighs next to nothing. I made it so it covers carb at 2 angles and bends to cover accelerator pump cover. I also used the foil tape under the tank. I will try to post pictures after I do the photo bucket thing.
  14. damn dummy

    Brake pads and chain rubbing after SM wheel install

    You can offset the wheel if you're that concerned. If that doesn't help, there are some different manufacturers that sell some cool products that would help. My favorite is the Grave Yamaha chain guide. But I'm cheap so I made a chain roller on my DRZ. I offset the wheel on my YZ426 and chain still rubs slicks. I did nothing to my YZ450 and it rarely rubs the slicks. The truth is that its not going to hurt anything if they rub. I've seen pros who have chain marks on the WHEEL not just the tire. Don't worry about it, go have fun.