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  1. Yzrider 85

    i wanna photoshop U!

    This was a really bad picture to start out with, but i tried my best. Took me about an hour to do these all
  2. Yzrider 85

    Bike makeover pics...

    No prob, b18c1 correct? or C5?
  3. Yzrider 85

    Noticeable mods to an 06'

    I put on a Ti-4 and Stage 1 Hotcams, it really livened the bike up. Even with the stage 1 cams, my bike it pretty much all top end and overrev.
  4. Yzrider 85

    Bike makeover pics...

    holy shit dude is that your type R? That thing is sick:worthy:
  5. Yzrider 85

    Canon G9 Pics

    The second picture is business! Extremely well composition, and you followed the rule of thirds well. Great job:applause:
  6. Yzrider 85


    no problem. Here's an old photo of mine, can you see the the mixture of darks and lights? There's not an overall "gray" feeling
  7. Yzrider 85


    The first picture is ok, but the other's are overexposed as hell. It doesn't look like you selected b/w on your camera. The darks look very unsaturated, just keep working on it. Black and white is very touchy.
  8. Yzrider 85

    Everything is Locked

    No he just hit a little natural jump downshifted fine then landed and the bike stalled out. so he tried kicking it and the kickstarter wouldnt budge neither would the back tire and he finally got it in neutral then tried startin it earlier and now we cant get the bike back into neutral... He has about 12 hours on it its a brand new 08 bike he hasnt like rode it that that hard yet.
  9. Yzrider 85

    Everything is Locked

    hey everyone, my friend just got a new '08 a couple weeks ago. Well i guess he went out trail riding today and he downshifted in the air off of a jump. Well when he landed, the whole bike locked up. can't move the kick starter and the shifter is locked up too. The rear wheel is frozen too. I checked the oil, no large chunks of metal and the anitfreeze is fine too. What's wrong!?!?!? thanks
  10. Yzrider 85

    Cornering woes

    Thanks for all the help guys. How much would you recommend hiring the forks in the clamps? Also, i have correctly adjusted my race sag, but i haven't checked the static sag. Eventually i'm going to get it all revalved and i was planning to go with race tech (since they're local). Are they really as bad as some of you say?
  11. Yzrider 85

    Cornering woes

    wow thanks! i'll be sure to try some of this stuff next practice
  12. Yzrider 85

    Cornering woes

    So I'm really starting to hate the way my '06 handles. I'm noticing severe front end push and my rear shock is hard as hell. I have my suspension adjusted to my weight (120lbs) but not revalved. The bike still does not corner like i want it too. I can't trust my front end at all. Does the 22mm offset improve the front end handling that much? Or should I send out for a revalve? Thanks
  13. Yzrider 85

    Post pics of your finshed project bike

    My '04 Yz 85 Before: After:
  14. Yzrider 85

    Ahh i need your help!

    I'm rebuilding my top end and everything went smoothly until one of the cam guides came out. Well i've gotton the head on but i cannot figure out how the right cam guide goes! It sticks too far up and its not letting the cam gear clear and so i cant get the chain on. What am i doing wrong?
  15. Yzrider 85

    Top end compenents

    ok thanks racer