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  1. Dyen2live1137

    where did he come from...?

    whoa, that looke dlike it hurt
  2. Dyen2live1137


    im sure you can google it and find it somewhere for your state
  3. Dyen2live1137

    Motocross has desensitized me... I think?

    you my friend, are crazy, ive thought of sky diving before, but definately not from that altitude into the pacific, back in the phillipines, my mom quit the military when they had to parachute out of the plan,e now the navy is Halo jumping
  4. Dyen2live1137

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    yea, thats true in cali, you can only shoot them if they are walking toward you
  5. haha, thats sweet but i think il stick with modding a taco
  6. the url is not valid and cannot be laoded
  7. just curious, i was looking around chevy fords and dodges website, and wondered, has anybody ever lifted one of these? i think it would look pretty cool
  8. Dyen2live1137

    not my vid but thought you guys might like it

    for those of you who cant see it make sure you have windows media player 9 or better
  9. Dyen2live1137

    What type of Truck do you drive??

    dear god you must be rich, i was looking at buying an H3, and saw the H1's on their site going for 125,000 stock base price, 140 for the wagon, got pics?
  10. Dyen2live1137

    not my vid but thought you guys might like it

    i live in a gated comunity with a bunch of condos, and partly own the land, so even if the pigs see me they cant do anything
  11. Dyen2live1137

    Do dealerships sell used bikes?

    whoa thats crazy
  12. Dyen2live1137

    Do dealerships sell used bikes?

    oh wow, thanks guys
  13. Dyen2live1137

    Way off topic: why ATVs use thumb throttle?

    yet fun nonetheless
  14. im just curious, ive never really been exposed to a dealer before even though theres a honda a block away, i normally just ride my friends bikes and quads, and i was looking for a dual sport bike, or a 125 thumper, but really cant afford either, and if i buy used id rather buy from a dealership
  15. My mom was always against it, and still partly is, due to back in the phillipines my uncles would ride 90CC bikes and her boyfriend (wish he was my dad) used to ride a 450 and would come home messed up bad trying huge airs, my mom still doesnt like it, but knows i really have a love for motercycles, i have a 110 CC 5 speed pocket bike that will hit 60 easily, that she bought for me so i could ride to school, until they became ilegal, now shes ready to buy me a dual sport bike as soon as she can afford it, so pretty much, shes somewhat against riding because of previous experiences, but has faith in my skill...