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  1. Another Question for you guys.....If it has the S model "Smog stuff" can this bike be made street legal in California? Thanks if you know!
  2. Thanks, I co-drive with a guy from Tijuana in the 1000 and we are set to pre-run on bikes the 20th so I am trying to slap it together on a budget before then! I will check it out thanks for answering....
  3. Seized a piston and ate the nikasel coating? Where can I get it replated or does anyone have a good used jug and piston they want to sell? Which is better?
  4. Were can you buy the best radiators for the DRZ friends radiator got crushed and bent in Mexico last week. we had to go to a local "shop" and have him fix it so he could finish the week out. Worked ok but now he needs to find a replacement.
  5. Just got back from baja and one of our friends Bike is blowing oil out the breather box. Enough that it oils his boot on a ride. What could this mean? thanks
  6. Have a friend who is trying to get into the riding thing. He just purchased a 04 DRZ400 but someone "modified" the seat and now its 3 inches shorter and no padding left in it. Is there a place or a way for him to fix this or is he done. With all the gear he has to buy he's trying to do this the cheapest way. All he wants is a stock spec seat, is there somewhere you would recomend? thanks
  7. If you get lower down to the middle or southern Baja, especially gulf side you will find that there is no premium available, take octane boost.
  8. Thank-you guys so much. much appreciated!
  9. I know it has been visited a million times but It seems that most jetting tips are about the fcr carb. I have a 05 California model with the Mikuni BSR carb and I would like to rejet. Where would a good place to start be in regards to jet sizes? thanks for any help.
  10. thank you.
  11. Wondering if there is any one or any way for the ignition control module to be tested? thanks.
  12. Is there a difference in the front forks on an 03 compared to a newer (04,05,06) I heard that it may only have dampening and no rebound settings? thanks in advance.