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  1. 71455vert

    NJ-Morris County Dual Sporters

    In Morris Plains. I have a DRZ400 & XR650l I only have time to ride on the weekends. Have just been exploring this year done some trails in W Milford. & I think I want to ride the old abandoned Erie Lackawana railway bed into Pa.
  2. 71455vert

    Help my battery is not charging

    The 3 wire connector from the stator to the regulator should have some kind of cover on it when I opened it it was wet & muddy & the pins or whatever you call them were covered in corosion. I cleaned them the best I could & twisted them to make a better connection & now it charges. I will tape it up to keep it try but I may just cut the factory connector & use some male female connectors to get a nice fresh connection,
  3. 71455vert

    My new big red pig (well big white pig)

    I love the carrier. Far quicker to deal with then my trailer. I Bought it for my DRZ but have hauled dr650's my buddies KLr 650 & now the XR. It is rated for 350 lbs I figure they have to under rate. My old Grand cherokee was a little squirly with it but the Durango has no issues with the weight.
  4. 71455vert

    Show your PIG

    My 98 in the back of my truck the day I got her (last week)
  5. That tube-less is awsome
  6. Well I Figured I needed a dual sport that I could actualy ride more then 5 miles to the trail (I set my DRZ400s up for 90% off road & it us geared just to tall for the street & so I went looking for a XR650l. Well here she is in all her 1998 splendor showing only 2800 miles on the clock with only one small paint chip on the tank she is almost to nice to take off road. 1st impresions are 1) this thing is tall. My 5'11 frame can street ride it ok but I am a little afraid of single track. 2)Does great wheelies pops up in 2nd great & has a real nice low balance point. 3) There is something I do not like about the bars but I can not put my finger on it. Anyway I giess my 1st purchaes are a lowering link & new bars just dont know what bars to get
  7. 71455vert

    Help my battery is not charging

    Fixed all it was was connection to the regulator It was all skanked up cleaned the connections & she is charging again
  8. 71455vert

    Help my battery is not charging

    I dont doubt that is it but want to make sure when I buy the part. Bike only has 4500 miles on it. Although pretty hard miles 50% off road some hare scrambles & it never missed a beat till now,
  9. 71455vert

    Help my battery is not charging

    I am an idiot when it comes to electrical work My battery just stoped charging on a trail ride on my 00 drz400s I understand I have a stator & regulator but how do I test wher my problem is. I appriciate any help you can give me
  10. I have a 2000 DRZ400S I can find 400E's for under 2k Is it worth buying one swaping the forks & carb (do I need to swap for the high comp motor in the E) & then droping the S parts on the E & reselling it?
  11. 71455vert

    August 17th Nj Hare Scrambles, Barnagat Nj.

    Dale I have the same question I see the bikes are due to go off at 11:30 What time do I need to get there to sign up for everything AMA barcode the works. I will also be in C novice in the over 300cc 4stroke class (my 1st time)
  12. 71455vert

    Help with picking "street" tires for DRZ400S

    I had Pirelli has MT 90 A/T's on my dr650 for about 1000 miles before I switched to non dot knobbies for more off road. Then I bought my drz400 a week later so think I will remount the mt90's great tire on the street after 1000 mile I saw no wear they look brand new. Great on the street & although this is not saying much I think as good as the stock deathwinds off road. I rode guys with non dot knobbies with my mt90's & was able to make it down every trail.
  13. 71455vert

    Dual sport for wife

    I have to 2nd the TW200 E start & the fat tires gives it great stabilty in the sand. & the super low seat hight will not intimidate her. If she knows how to ride and will ride on the street I think a DR650 with the loweing kit will be doable. I have a buddy who is 5'5 who has no problems on my non lowered dr650
  14. 71455vert

    Cheap DS Helmet

    I am pretty addicted to Shoie for my street helmets. fit my head well & the shield stays where you put it. I have bought HJC's Bieffe's and some other cheap helmets & my issue was always noise & the shield not staying in partial open positions at high speeds. For dirt I am not picky i have a Bieffe I got on clearance from Dennis Kirk for like 30 bucks. I do have 1 dot Skid lid for in town on hot days on my VTX1800 but i never feel comfortable with it on. I may not die but I fear ripping my face off
  15. I live in NJ & bought a DR650 from someone in NY last year. I went on my merry way to dmv & the girl went in the back & got a big book. I have registerd dozens of bikes in my life & this never happened so I asked her what she was doing. Well as of about 1 1/2 years ago the Sate of NJ made a approved list of motorcycles in NJ. They use it on out of state titles. this was done to titles being washed in other states & she said that it is stopping a lot of custom bike's she said people flop out yelling that they paid 40k for some custom chopper that is not on NJ's appoved list of motorcycles.