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  1. chadman300

    Snow level at Mad lake?

    Anybody ride Mad River today, give us a report where the snow levels @
  2. chadman300

    Tahuya and rain

    Cheap anti fog fix. I use Nu Finish car wax on my lens , you only need to apply it 1 or 2 times a year before it will fog again.
  3. chadman300

    Teanaway's Yellow Hill looks to be in jeopardy?

    Found this article related to Teamaway & Taneum area. Couple paragraphs caught my Attention. http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20130922/OPINION03/709229961 Behind-closed-doors dealings help explain the Yakima Plan's provisions. The Plan would have Congress forever constrain the Forest Service's ability to manage wildlife habitat and watershed in the Teanaway and Manastash-Taneum basins within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest by designating 41,000 acres of our National Forest lands for "backcountry motorized" National Recreation Areas (NRAs) degrading headwater habitat with increased motorcycles on trails and snowmobiles cross-country. The public had 45 days to comment on the agencies' draft Yakima Plan -- until Jan. 3, 2012. One day later, on Jan. 4, Plan proponents revealed the motorized NRA provision, and later added it to the Plan. Not even Forest Service staff of the Cle Elum Ranger District was consulted. Now the Plan supporters are backing away from the proposal for NRAs, saying they will "defer" it until after the current Forest Plan process -- but the proposal for NRAs is still in the Yakima Water Plan. Because of all these substantive and procedural flaws, more than thirty conservation organizations have refused to support the Yakima Plan, its dams and its proposed NRAs, including the Sierra Club, Audubon, The Mountaineers, the Washington Environmental Council, Friends of Bumping Lake, Washington Wild, ALPS, the North Cascades Conservation Council, the Endangered Species Coalition and the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs. Many of them testified in the state Legislature's hearings this year.
  4. chadman300

    Anyone still using the Rekluse E-axle?

    . You can buy them at http://www.e-axle.com// Been using e-axle's for 6 year’s, Have now problem using them, Its great adjustment for railing corner's
  5. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    The screw sleeve come with no other parts, you need to order the rest to make it complete.
  6. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    Thank you Yamaha227 for this update , Ive been riding with this setup for 4 months now, I have no pressure build up issues, Thank you again.
  7. chadman300

    Cascade Passes to get Toll Booths?

    I-90 bridge tolls could be next Since electronic tolling started on the State Route 520 floating bridge a year ago, drivers are avoiding 520 and moving to I-90. With that, the state is taking a very serious look at balancing the traffic and putting tolls on I-90 as well. Like many Bellevue commuters, Lisa Trinidad takes I-90 from her Capitol Hill home in Seattle to her Bellevue job. “I’d rather not pay a toll,” said Trinidad. She has joined the 30% of drivers who have abandoned 520 since tolling began last year. “We are very pleased with it. It’s a great program,” said Craig Stone, assistant secretary for the WSDOT Toll Division. Stone says the state has made $50 million in tolling revenues in the past year, and, 520 drivers are saving an average of five minutes on their trip across 520. Here’s the new normal in cross lake traffic pattern: 520 traffic has dropped by 30 percent. I-90 traffic is up 11 percent. Now, WSDOT is determined to balance the bridges. If the state Legislature and the U.S. Transportation Department agree, I-90 tolling may be in the near future. “What we will be doing in the new year, 2013, is studying the tolling of I-90. In January, we will have public meetings,” said Stone. WSDOT warns people to pay overdue tolls. About 10,000 drivers are at risk of losing their car registration if they have not paid up. Before tolling began, WSDOT predicted a 48 percent drop in traffic on 520. That prediction actually matched the actual drop in traffic at the start of tolling, but traffic volumes have since steadily increased and are at 70 percent of pre-toll levels. http://www.king5.com/traffic/news/520-bridge/Electronic-tolling-on-SR-520-bridge-hits-one-year-anniversary-184967541.html
  8. chadman300

    2006 KTM 250

    Change the triple clamps from 20 offset to 18's , The bike well turn better in the woods,
  9. chadman300

    Effects of Triple Clamp Offset

    Great product for adjusting your offset. Eaton Motor Sports - Home of the E-Axle Adjustable Offset Motorcycle Axle-Adjust Your Triple Clamp Offset In Minutes http://www.e-axle.com/
  10. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    Yamaha227 Bladder pressure still ramp up, after you updated your parts?
  11. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    Green cart seals. Lots of stiction , Inner cart pressure builds up slow Purple cart seals, No stiction, Inner cart pressure builds up ’FAST’ I would like to have no stiction with no pressure build up.
  12. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    That lower groove in the inner cart is ''Stock '' NOT a Slavens mod
  13. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    From Slavens Racing Closed chamber bladder forks only Besides the usual harshness, deflection, and spring rate issues, the WP closed chamber bladder fork has a pressure build-up issue that is very labor intensive to correct. This service is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ALL applications, especially when competing in events that require non-stop riding for 2-3 hour periods. Under these conditions increased stiffness and deflection will be experienced from pressure build-up in the inner cartridge and outer chamber and in extreme cases and conditions the fork becomes rigid and un-rideable. Manual bleeding of the air from the outer chamber does not cure the problem. 

This service is only available at Slavens Racing. Developed by Jeff Slavens and Kelvin Thomas http://slavensracing...ension-services
  14. chadman300

    WP CC Fork pressure build up

    Don’t adjust bladder pressure, Release inner cartridge pressure than your bladder pressure will go back to 16 psi.When the inner cartridge pressure rises the forks get really harsh. With that new updated cartridge seal, The forks pump up faster. I wish KTM would address and fix this issue