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  1. stephon

    Don't race but have numbers?

    How much does Suzuki, KTM, Honda, Yamaha or Kawasaki, etc pay you?
  2. stephon

    Anaheim Supercross - SPOILER

    Yeah, I expect a lot of podiums from Lawrence. He looked great in practice; even diced with RV for a minute.
  3. stephon

    Stewart does his best Reed impression!

    Was RC faking at Glen Helen? Was RC serving too? You probably think it would be more competitive without Stewart; or maybe you could take Stewart's place. You could do what he does - right?
  4. stephon

    Stewart does his best Reed impression!

    I agree with a whole lot of this post!
  5. stephon

    dealing with ASV customer support...

    ASV has taken care of me and my brothers on a couple of occasions. Once at the Budd's Creek National this past Summer. Once through the mail. No problems, it helps expedite things if you have your proof of purchase already on file with them.
  6. stephon

    What is your gear and why

    Helmet - Mid level HJC, no problem, but I would get a higher level one next time. Goggles - Oakley, over the glasses and Spy Alloys - I like them both. Pants/Jersey/Gloves - 2 sets of Alloy, very, very happy with it. Knee Guards - Thor. Body Armour - SixSixOne Pressure Suits. Boots - Fox Pro Formas - Had problems with the buckles, called Fox and they sent me enough for the whole family's 4 sets of boots. I'm really happy with all of my gear.
  7. stephon


    I'd be really surprised if anyone but Reed is in 2nd after 18 races. I think Reed has another gear that DV and KW aren't willing to use on a regular basis. Millsaps, Tedesco, Langston, etc will have their moments, but after 20 laps 18 times I'd put my money on Reed.
  8. stephon


    Didn't Stewart start and finish all 18 races of the '06 WSX and SX season?
  9. stephon

    Anyone use a suit body armor

    I wear a 661 Pressure Suit and I'm really happy with it.
  10. stephon

    riding protection

    elbow guards - under/661 Pressure suit knee guards - under/Thor
  11. stephon

    Helmet stink??

    I take my helmet pads out and wash them after every ride with my gear and let it air dry.
  12. Actually, I'm more interested since it seems that none of the top 3 are gonna be there. Should be really good.
  13. I'm 5'8", 140 lbs and I wear size 34 Alloy Pants and M jersey. I wear a 661 Pressure Suit under my jersey. I would think you'd need at least a 36 and L jersey. Try it on if you can, this stuff usually last a while and you want it to fit correctly. Good luck!
  14. stephon

    07 KTM's

  15. stephon

    07 KTM's

    What is the advantage of the wavy rotors? Another question - The manufactures that come with Renthal or Tag bars. Are they also oversized or regular sized? I assume the ktm's are oversized.