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    06 kx125???

    Hi there, Sorry about how this topic is unrealted to kx125.o6....well i am 5'10, 65kg and i ride a 2005 rm125 all tricked up.. i am wanting to go to a 2504stroke but were the hell do i start..i am one of the best in new zealand for motocross for my age so i doubt ability will be a issue but i really dont know were to start..ahh ok which would be the fastest then? i really like the honda frame...yet i like the look of yamaha...yet i hear the rmz has some whicked snap down bottom? plz guys just fill me in on any info u have on late model 250 4 strokes....cheers guys jus seach google 4 the kx..as most of the o6's have already been realsed thanks alot, hugo